Monday, November 17, 2008

Jungle Here I Come, Make Room for Elder Hyde November 17, 2008

I found out this morning that I am going to the jungle. The area is called Pucallpa. I hear it is beautiful. I hope I am ready. I heard it is harder to understand (language) there but I will get better fast I hope.

Monday our zone played soccer and had a lot of fun. I got my hair cut and then we cleaned our house for the rest of the day. We had inspections the next day.

On Tuesday we had interviews and the assistants talked to us for a while. It was good. We worked the rest of the day, nothing exciting happened.

Wednesday we were talking to a guy that we were contacting.
We were pretty much arguing because he was saying that all churches have something wrong with them. Elder Maldonado wanted to prove him wrong, after about 45 minutes I reached my hand up to him, said thanks for you time and started walking off. My companion had no option but to follow. Elder Maldonado said thanks for helping to get him out of that situation. After stuff like that I just feel so spiritually drained.
We talked to another young man in the Miguel family that wants to get baptized, so now that is five in this family. We will baptize two this week, well I won’t but my companion will. They are a really good family.

Thursday we went to an appointment and the lady was there, she opened the door and asked us to hold on one minute. A minute later she came back with her bible in hand. My first thought was that she was ready to bash. We taught her the first lesson and then she started asking questions. One was “Why can’t women hold the Priesthood” and another, “Where did black people come from if God created one race.”

Friday I got your package and did a lot of work. I have already eaten one bag of the M&M’s and the Swedish fish, I love the picture of Alden and I have read one of the talks. Thanks I love it. I can’t wait for the next package.

Saturday we did service again and if you want to send me some gloves I will probably use them in a future service project.

Sunday was another normal Sunday. They asked the missionaries to help pass the sacrament. It was a good week.

Funny language story….I was trying to make a contact and I wanted to say “have you talked with missionaries like us before.” But I said “Have you talked with us like us before”. My mind was working faster than my tongue.

Tell Michael Drago and Logan Child that the eagle projects sound cool. Tell them great job and congrats for me.
Tell everyone hello from me.
Sending my love from Peru to you. love Elder Hyde.
Next time I send love it will be from the jungle.

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GDR said...

Wow - Pucullpa ! That's great. You'll have to ask Bonnie (Elder Peterson's mom) about it. Dallin was there also. I think Elder Layton is going there too !!

- Elder Rich's mom