Monday, November 30, 2009

Two Baptisms, Changes this week. Where will I go? November 30 2009

Well we had an excellent weekend. We finished with two wonderful wet people.

First we had the sister Eustaquia Luna. This is the sister of the fam Luna, they are really cool. Eustaquia has been listening to the missionaries for over a year now. Every time she accepts a date something gets in the way. Usually it was her husband or family. She asked us if she could do it without telling her family. We said ya if you think that will help you get baptized. So this is what we did and it worked out. She is really a good lady and has a strong testimony about the church. She told us that they did their wedding the same way. The family didn’t know, they didn’t believe it until they saw the papers of their wedding. That is how we did her baptism.

We also baptized Karla, a joven de 12 years. It all started with a contact that we did when we were in a threesome. We contacted the father and he said we could teach his family. The mom was listening for a while but didn’t show much interest in getting baptized. We worked mostly with the daughter. After about two months teaching and trying to get permission we finally got it. We had a really good experience with her. She really loves music and magazines, and has magazines of a lot of artists. She loves to talk. We would go to teach and it would take about two hours to teach her and then they invited us to eat.

We had one baptism at 5 o'clock and the other at 6:30 pm. I had the privilege to baptize both of them. I only have one pair of pants and my companions didn’t fit me. So I did the first baptism, wrang out the clothes and packed them to to to the other church to do the other baptism.

Well that was basically our week. I guess I will be visiting and saying goodbye to the people that I helped baptize. I will be flying to MOYABAMBA to be LIDER DE ZONA. Zone leader with my old companion, Elder Garnica. I was with him in Pucallpa. It is going to be another adventure. I am kinda excited but also really nervous. WWWWWWWOOOOOOOWWWWWWW!
I think President is putting a lot of trust in me and I am going to do all that I can to make him proud. It will be a great change. I will miss this area and all the members that are here.
It will be great to get to know new ones.

I have had a lot of experiencias especiales. Sorry I forgot how to say that in English. I love you all very much and can’t wait to tell you about my new area.

Other fun things
Derek got our last package and it did not look like it had been gone through.

Derek attended testimony meeting for the missionaries that are going home this week. He thought there were about 22 elders going home. Four of Five of them from Utah.

President Perez mentioned that he had spoke to Former Elder Rich and that he would be visiting Peru this week.

Derek’s “Son”, the elder he trained, will be going to Iquitos. He will serve in the opposite zone that Derek served in while in Iquitos. He hopes he did a good job training him.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Tomas is baptized, Great week even with illness. November 22 2009

Holy crap, it must be cold there. I wish we had snow here, we just have a lot of pollution in the air that sometimes looks like it might be snowing in the distance.
Hey we had a weird week this week. Weird, but alright. First we had a free p-day that we could do anything we wanted, we played Uno, our pension had cards. We also went to print pictures, which took pretty much all afternoon.

Tuesday we had a reunion with the district and I talk and gave a training about the Book Of Mormon. It was really good and I found a quote in “Preach My Gospel” that says we should value The Book of Mormon because it is very special and we should present it in a very good way so the people will want to read it. I have come to love the Book of Mormon. The Book of Mormon has all the answers to our questions. It is a very important book in the conversion of the investigators. If they know the Book of Mormon is true they will know that Joseph Smith was a prophet and that the church is restored. I love the Book of Mormon.

Wednesday we had a full day of work, it was a hot day but my comp was feeling really cold. So he put on his sweater and everything. We went to teach and all was good we just couldn’t walk fast because if we did we would have to enter in the house to sit on the throne. So it wasn’t just he was cold but with the runs.

Thursday one of our dates fell because she feels bad and her husband was putting bad thoughts in her mind about baptism. We reset it for this week and she is not going to tell her husband. She has been listening to the missionaries for over a year I think and finally she is going to enter the water. She is what we call a dry member, she has assisted the chapel for a long time everyone knows her and are trying to help her get wet.
Thursday we spent half the afternoon in the house because my comp could not eat or hardly move. I did get my package, it was full of goodies, thank you. I love the shirt(BYU), the other elder gringo likes Utah and we fight some times about who is better.

Well the rest of the week we kind of took it easy because the four of us were a little sick, all have been in the bathroom and vomitando in the street. It has been a really gassy week. We have been farting and burping all weekend.(sorry for the grossness but I don’t have any other words to explain it.)

One highlight of our weekend was that Tomas got baptized, it was really good and he was one of those references that is prepared to get baptized. Bishop is a good friend of his and got to baptize him. It was really special. Other than sickness, we to had a great week.

Today we will be playing I think. I need to print some pictures so I will be prepared to say goodbye a todos here if I leave. I don’t want to leave but I have that feeling that I will be.Well my time is up but I love you very much and can’t wait to hear from you next week.
I hope you all have a great week.

Elder Hyde

Monday, November 16, 2009

Well Family everything here is going great. We had a really good week.

We have been working with our dates that we have for this Saturday, we have three. We are so excited, we announced them in sacrament. Wow speaking of sacrament, we had the primary program and it was alright but, wow first we start late. Second it is very disorganized and we didn’t finish the reunion until 12:30 when we should have finished at 11:30.
We have found a really humble family that we have taught two or three times and they are really interested in the message and baptism. We had the chance yesterday to find the father of the family and he said he has been praying for the true church. We hope to help them progress really fast. They need to get married though. So we are going to be praying they can get their papers ready and can get married and baptized.

To answer your questions.
Todavia or still I have not received a package but it is alright because they are coming really slow. One elder just barely received one that his mom sent before conference.

My comp is still Elder Rodriguez or my son. He is from Colombia.

Well my shoes are wearing out but I still think they are good. The worst part is where they are sewed and it is coming undone but we have a guy below us that fixes it really cheap. So that don’t worry about that

Well I don’t need anything but if you would like to send me some chips that would be awesome. Maybe Doritos salsa verde or something that burns. Maybe some fritos chile cheese or the other flavor.

We live in a house of a member. Two other missionaries live on the second floor in a small room and us in another and then the family lives on the third floor. The dog is on the fourth. It is a big house and the pension and the family is really good to us. They are very loving. We live very close to the church like two blocks. But a funny story our pension has a car and he drives two blocks to the church, no wonder he is a little fat.

Yesterday we had a mouse hunt. We finally killed it after about ten minutes of chasing it around the house.
The gringo we have in my zone, Morton, Gomez, Hill, Atkinson, Crum. No mas

Well that is about all the time that I have. I love you all and hope all goes well this week.
Elder Hyde

Monday, November 9, 2009

Workin' Hard November 9 2009

Hey my family, we had an excellent week. We ended up with three baptisms. Rosa, Monica and Maria. They were all really good. We had been working with Rosa since I have been here in Comas and even before. She had a few problems that we had to resolve and finally we were able to get her wet. It was a great experience. The other two were little girls from inactive families. They were our golden children.

We also got a reference from the bishop that is really good too. He really is a golden investigator. We first got to know him in the chapel. He lives way up in the hill and we don’t go there very much. So the first week we were not able to visit him and he came to the chapel. The next week he asked us why we didn’t visit him. This week we challenged him and he is really excited to change his life. So he is one that we will be working with this week.

Well today we are going to the center of Lima so we don’t have much time to write.

I love you all so very much…
love Elder Hyde.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Some things moms love to hear and others not so much. November 2 2009

This week was really good we had some good experiences.
A while ago I received a letter from Grandma Baker. She told me that her bishop’s son is serving in the Peru South mission. He had an experience where they were going to be attack by several people, they followed the spirit and continued past the people without incident. They felt Heavenly Father’s guiding hand in this experience. The same has happened to me.

This happened last week and I forgot to tell you. Some young man tried to rob us. He said, ¨good night, I have a pistol and so give me all you got¨. I had my camera and my credit card. My companion only had books. We didn’t give him anything because here they don’t hide the guns they pull them out and stick them to your head. He just had his hand in his jacket and he just tried to scare us to see if we were stupid and see if we would give him our stuff. We were led by the spirit that told us he didn’t have anything and that we should ignore him.

This week nothing quite that interesting happened, but that is alright. We had a lot of meetings this week, so we did a lot of traveling. The chapel of the Zone leaders is a 15 minute bus ride. The sisters that are in my district had to move to a different house. They sent me to basically hang out the window and hold on to a dresser and mattress that was on the top of the car. It was kind of fun but also scary because on one of the streets that we drove on the drivers are crazy and come really close to the other cars, so they were really close to my body. It was little scary but fun.

We have 3 dates for this wee, two little girls, de 11 aƱos and Hna Rosa, who has been listening to the missionaries for a lot of time. We finally got all her problems resolved and she is ready for her baptism. We will be working with them to get them really excited this week. We will also be setting more dates so that we can still have good numbers.

Well this was our week, we feel that we are working good and I am so glad I have this chance to be here in the great and marvelous work, I feel really privileged to be here. Well I got to go so I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH.
Until next week,
Elder Hyde