Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ups and Downs of the week January 25 2010

Well we had a really interesting week this week.

Sunday we had a sister come to us and she told us that her grandson had 9 years and he wanted to get baptized. So we spent every day this week teaching him so he could get baptized before they go to Lima tomorrow. So we taught him everything and we went to have his interview and the elder that did the interview found out that he only had 8 They had been lying to us. Well I don’t know if it was a lie. Here they have a bad habit, they also say the age that they are going to have. Like I am 21 because this year I am turning that age. It kinda ticked me off. But that’s life. He still got baptized but it just won’t count for the mission, just for the branch.

We did have another baptism. Teofilo, he only has one leg. He lost his other due to diabetes. It was a little hard to get him baptized but we did it and you could feel a wonderful spirit. My comp was in the water and he helped me dunk him. It took 3 times but he was very happy. The other day he said something really funny. He said I have been baptized but I can never be to clean. It was so funny. He has 80 years. He is a great guy.

One of the sisters in the ward was really sick this week. She has a disease that is called Gilbert syndrome. Hey if you want to do a search for me and tell me what it does and what it is exactly I would like to know. I was really worried this week. A little bit stressed out. First for the family and then for the baptisms and after that for the confirmations. Wow but after all is said and done what a relief. I have a little bit of a fever and cough right now but I hope to get over it soon.

Well it was a great week full of its ups and downs.
Have a great week and I love yalll and hope everything is great.
Love your son. And brother and uncle. Elder Hyde

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Trip to Lima, Saying Goodbye, and New Companion Elder Moreira January 18 2010

Well this week was alright. My comp said goodbye to the family Cubas and they all cried. We then did some other things and got my comp ready to go.

Tuesday we got everyone to come here to Moyobamba from our zone and we had a sleepover because we wanted to leave early in the morning. And well you probably know that we didn’t go to sleep very fast we played Uno and also some other card game. It was a really good last night with the entire zone.

Monday I had a little time so we went to a store here and looked at the cameras because I wouldn’t have time in lima to do it. I bought a Panasonic Lumix. When I got home and looked at my old one it is the same kind. But that is alright, because my old one is a good camera, just that it didn’t have sound and that it killed the batteries and that it was huge. The new one is the opposite of those things. I was very happy with the purchase. It was 480 soles. Like 170 dollars. It is a little bit better quality then the other. 10 mega pixels and 4x zoom.

Wednesday we traveled early in the morning to go to Tarapoto and the airport. I had time to kill in Tarapoto so I hooked up with elder Sweet and we played basketball for a little. It is so hot there just standing on the concrete with your shoes and everything you could feel the burn.

We flew out of there at like 8 and got to Lima at like 11. It was a long, long, mas o menor horrible flight. I was so tired but I can’t sleep on the airplanes.

Thursday we had a great reunion and got all the packages packed in my suitcase and left to the airport. We flew home and got to Tarapoto at 10 at night and I was tired of traveling so we decided to stay in Tarapoto the night.

We then left Friday at like 8 in the morning and got home at 10. it was also a long trip and I felt really sick afterwards. My comp and I went to lunch and the sister said that we were really pale.

We have two people that we are getting ready to baptize a kid of 9 years and also a man of 80 years. He has lost a leg to diabetes but has a really good attitude and has great faith in the Lord. He is excited. We are also trying to excite his granddaughter too.

My new companion is elder Moreira he is from Ecuador. I am still trying to get to know him these last few days we have been working really hard and have been so tired that we haven’t really talked, we get home plan for the next day and get ready for bed and we are out. But my goal this next week is to get to know him and know more about his family.This week we have a lot of good things planed. I hope that we will be able to accomplish all of our goals.

President said that if we are not baptizing we are not happy, and if we are not happy we are sad and if we are sad it is because we are not baptizing. In a way it is true and it is the way that we feel that we are working. Even sometimes that we don’t baptize we are happy just knowing that we did what we could for the week.

We have four new missionaries in the zone. We have planned today just to play in the chapel a little and get to know everyone a little better. Then next week when we have a little bit more time to plan we will go sight seeing.

Well my time has come to an end. love you all so very much and pray that all goes well in this week.

love your son, y brother elder hyde

Letter to Our Family From Elder Garnica January 11 2010

Here is something my comp wants to say.

Good day Hyde fam.
It is a pleasure to write you. In this opportunity I want to express my feelings of thanks to be in such a great work. In these 22 and a half months of the mission I have had the chance to be a companion of your son, in 2 different opportunities. This has been a great blessing for me. Elder Hyde is a good friend and great missionary and a little fat too, but it has been really cool to be with him.
Thank you for helping him go on a mission. for me it has been a blessing to be able to live great moments together. I know that the lord calls us to serve in the time and place that he needs us.
Lots of greetings,
Elder Garnica
bolivia tarija.

translated in english by elder hyde :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Changes and Trip to Lima January 11 2010

Hey my family what is up? We had an alright week. We did a searching game on Monday and it was fun we ran all thru moyo to find different things.

Tuesday we had a good reunion as a zone, we all shared our stories of our conversions or the time that we found out for ourselves that the church is true. It was a very spiritual meeting.

Wed we had a work visit and I was with elder Alcantara. It was a great change we set a date with a brother that only has one leg and he is 80 years old. We thought we would have a hard time getting him to church but he was very excited to assist.

It was really good yesterday in church, a lot of people came to the church. We spent a lot of time this week working really hard it is our last week to set dates for this month.

Today we found out the changes, I will be here still for this next change. I will be with elder Moreira he is from Ecuador. My comp, elder Garnica will be going to Lima to train, he has always wanted to have a kid. So his wish has come true.

I will be flying to Lima Wednesday at night. I won’t have a lot of time to buy a camera so I will probably be buying here in moyo. I found a pretty good store that will have a good quality camera. I will be very careful looking here and will make sure that I get a good one. So half of my district will be changing and all from here have gone up a step or to say they changed from jr. to sr. or sr. to d/l. It is something really good. We are going to have a great change. We are going to change this area of moyo. We are going to do some great things here and we are going to baptize the helk out of these people.

I sent you pictures on wed. I hope that they get to you soon. I love you all and hope that all goes well You all are always in my prayers.love elder Hyde

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year Jan 4 2010

Well we had a very interesting week. We first had our P day. We played in the church. We played with water and got sun burned. We played bobbing for apples and I won. I was the fastest one. We then went and spent a little time with the family Cubas and played Uno with them. They are an awesome family. As you will see we have spent a lot of time with them. Trying to get them excited about the mission work. We had a pretty spiritually draining week. A lot of fiestas and not a whole lot of work. We found other things to do though that were pretty productive. We did a poster to measure the references that we receive from our members. This is what we did when we didn’t have visits to do. I think it will give the members some excitement to see what they are doing and to put a little competition in the reference.

This week I decided I needed a new feeling that these things that I am teaching are true so I asked in a simple prayer and received my answer. Yesterday night, we were teaching a sister about prayer and about how it was important to receive an answer about Joseph Smith. I gave my testimony and the spirit was very strong. I felt it, my companion felt it and I know that she felt it. She was a Little dumbfounded (I think that is the word)

We also did some practices with the family Cubas to help them get to know their neighbors and also so they could get comfortable sharing the gospel. It was so Coooool. There I also felt a strong conviction of the gospel. Really I can say that prayer are answered and not in the way we think. But in the way that the Lord wants. So I still have the hopes that the Lord will answer our prayers and help us find the investigators that we need and well it wont be how we want but I still have the hope that we will have the success that we need.

Saturdays we spent a little time with the Cubas family and played a game searching scriptures. It was fun and entertaining. We also had an activity that we had giant pictures of Shrek and the Incredibles and cut out the faces and took the pictures of the families that passed by the chapel. It was also really hot that day and we got burned a little bit. But it was also fun. The people here are a little scared to do weird things though we going to think of a way we can do it better. We are going to print the pictures and give them to the families free and that is the way we are planning to have new investigators.
We are planning a great week this week and I will have a lot to count to you to you next week.
Hey I love you all very much and pray that all is well there.
Love you,
Elder Hyde

Monday, January 4, 2010

Letter to Elder Hyde's Converts in Pucallpa Dec 2009