Monday, February 22, 2010

Leaving Moyobamba, Leaving friends, Gong to Lima February 22 2010

Well here I am in moyo for the last time. Today we found out the changes and I am going back to Lima. i will be going as district leader. Pres wants to leave the mission with lots of elders with experience being leaders, so he is dropping a lot of zone leaders and putting in new ones.

It is going to be hard leaving here, even though we didn’t have many converts and the work was a little hard. The members are so great and we shared so many great moments together.

This change went by really fast. i will be in the zone Santidad. I might be returning to my old area of Collique. because that is where the district leader is at. But maybe it will be another area. I don’t know yet. It will be alright being district leader, a little bit less responsibility.

In this zone leaving will be me, my comp, elder Ruiz, elder Zarate, so that makes four of us. My new comp is elder Caceres. I have not heard of him I am sure he is pretty new.

Well this week went great. We had some members go preaching with us, which was something really good. We also had some really good lessons. We watched a few church movies this week with some families that would like to get baptized, but have some problems with the law of chastity.

We had a great p day. We all went the waterfalls that are here like 45 minutes. They were so beautiful. It let us relax a little too. I was so tempted to jump off one of the cliffs into the water. It looked so refreshing. but as a missionary I cant do that. We have taken lots of pictures and they are all so beautiful. I will be making a cd of the caves and the waterfalls and be sending it in this next week.

Nothing to much exciting happened this week, just hard work and having fun while doing it. We have to do some informes today so it will take away some of our time to work and say goodbye today. We are leaving here tomorrow in the night.
I love you all tons and hope that all goes well in this week. Tell Chloee happy birthday from me. And also Tyson.

love elder Derek Hyde.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Worked Really Hard This Week, Went Caving February 15 2010

Well it was a great week. We worked really hard. I feel good about what we did. I feel like this has been the week that I have worked the hardest in the whole mission. We taught like crazy this week. And we have challenged I think just about everyone we teach.

We had a fun activity this week with the members. We did the great show of laughs. We did what we did in Iquitos. It was fun. We did all the same games. We did cake to the face, but it turned on us. The members told us that we should be the ones to answer their questions. So we tried but we ended up with shaving cream in our faces. My comp did not like it but I enjoyed myself because, after I got three plates to the face I turned on everyone and we had a great big war. It was fun but my comp had run to the bathroom so nobody could get him. I hope that the members enjoyed it. Well it was a little stressful for me because the activity should have started at 7 but no members showed up at that time, they started showing up at 8. But after that it all went really well.

We did go to the caves on Monday it was really cool. The cave was dark and there were a lot of bats. My comp was really scared and he was grabbing his neck the whole time, and saying lets go, we shouldn’t go any more. But we didn’t listen to him and kept on going. We finally came to a part where we couldn’t find a way to keep going so we turned around and it seemed that we ran out as fast as we could. We climbed in like 1 hour y half and left in like 20 min. it was a great pday..

Today will also be great we are going to some waterfalls. Well I gotta go.
Love you all send lots of love to my niece and nephew and tell them happy birthday from me.
Elder Hyde

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Church News about Peru Missions and New President February 13 2010

New Peru Lima North Mission President July 2010

Lawrence Paul Blunck, 53, and Karen Janeece Hawman Blunck, four children, Peru Lima North Mission; Canby 2nd Ward, Oregon City Oregon Stake. Brother Blunck is ward Young Men president and a former counselor in a stake presidency, bishop, high councilor, counselor in a ward Young Men presidency and missionary in the Peru Lima Mission. Partner, Blunck & Walhood LLC. Born in Hood River, Ore., to Alfred Carl and Beverly Kay Garrett Blunck.

Sister Blunck serves as a counselor in a stake Relief Society presidency and is a former counselor in ward Young Women and Relief Society presidencies, seminary teacher and gospel doctrine teacher. Born in Sacramento, Calif., to Phillip Arthur and Grace Ardele Hawman.

New Missions for Peru July 2010

To better align resources and adjust to the ever changing needs of the Church, 10 new missions will be organized in July, while 14 other missions will be combined with neighboring missions. The resulting number of missions will be 340.

To see a map of new Peru Mission see this link.

Create the Peru Cusco and Peru Lima West missions from a realignment of the Peru Arequipa, Peru Lima Central, Peru Lima East, Peru Lima North and Peru Lima South missions.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Rain RAIN rain...... Feb 8 2010

This week for us was rough. Monday was great we played soccer in the rain. It was fun.

Tuesday was a little stressful because we had to get some things ready to send a package weekly to Lima. I had to prepare like a little training to help the missionaries and then get everything ready for the interviews.

Wednesday we traveled for 2 and a half hours to go to Tarapoto. It was a long trip. We had the interviews and as the privileged zone leaders president took us to lunch, he took us to the hotel where they were staying and I ate a beefsteak al pobre. Or beefsteak to the poor. It was a big plate and it was really good. It was a steak and eggs and rice and fried banana and a salad. It was not that poor. We then had to travel another 2 hours and a half back to the house. By this time we were really tired and it was raining. We did a little bit of tracting. But it was a little hard working in the rain.

Thursday it rained all day, it is hard to enter in the houses, I think it was because our shoes are dirty. Ha ha ha. We have been planning an activity for this Thursday. I hope it all goes good. I think we need more help from the members. It is a little hard because there are very few members and my comp has kinda a bad attitude about that. He thinks that all of the members don’t want to help us. But we really haven’t tried to get them to help us. So this week that is what we are going to do.

Friday it rained all day, we have been working so hard in the rain but it wipes us out walking all day in the rain without being able to teach a whole lot. Our whole zone did not have a great week because of the rain. We are praying for a better week. I know that if we just keep working hard the fruit is going to come, I have no doubt. We just need to find the members that are going to be the most eligible to help us find new people that are ready. Now almost all are back from Lima, and we are going to take advantage about that. Sometimes I am grateful for the rain because it takes away the hot weather but also sometime I hate the rain because it stops us from being able to work hard.

This week we found a sister that grows sugar cane. We spent a few min with this less active family eating sugar cane, it is really good and sweet. I wish I could grow some at home it would be soooooo sssssssssswwwweeeeettttttttt.

There is a sister in the ward that wants to buy my ring. I don’t know why but everyone is envious about my ring. Maybe it is because I am soooo cooooool and everybody thinks they will remember me if they have my ring. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Rodil who has a baptism date showed up again to the church, but today the member saw him a little suspicious, they think he is taking advantage of the members. They say he is making up his story and he is just here to get take money from the members, some are saying that he just wants to get baptized because he thinks the church is rich and that it might be able to help him(or he can rob it.) I have been a little stressed with this because I don’t know if it is true and I don’t know what he can do to us if it is true. We are going to visit him and try to get everything straight. I hate to judge him, but it is hard not to when all the members are telling us things like that. I will have an update on that next week.; )

Today is really good weather, I am glad that the rain let up for today. We have some great plans, we are going to go to some caves and maybe to a river that starts from under a big rock. It will be really fun and amazing to see things like that. God has created such a beautiful world and today I hope to enjoy it. And to think that He created all this for us. All this is so beautiful and I am sure it is important to Him. The most beautiful things and most important to him are us, we are the only things that He wants back in His presence.
Love Elder Hyde

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Lord blesses us when we work hard February 1 2010

This week was really good. As a zone we finished this week with 5 baptisms and we finished the month with 9. It ended up being a good month. I was a little nervous and stressed that we were not going to end good and pres was going to kick our butts. But I feel really good how we finished with this week.

In our branch, most of the members took a bus to Lima to go to the temple, we are without a whole lot of members and so the work this week was slow without them. We had to do a lot of contacts for ourselves. It didn’t help that I have had a cough all week. Monday I felt so bad I had a cold. Well I had a fever and my body was weak and I had a headache and stomach ache. We didn’t go out to work I was all day in my bed.

That just gave us more reason to work really hard the other days. We did like 164 contacts or to say we talked with that many people in the whole week. We were so tired by the end of the week knocking doors and talking. We felt like we talked to all of Moyobamba. We did not have a whole lot of success in these contacts and we were a little bummed come Sunday. Then all of the sudden in Sunday school, a man with sunglasses walked in and we sat by him and to our surprise he was not a member but had been assisting in another part far from here. We taught him after the meetings and he said I have decided to be baptize and no one can tell me no. So in this week I have seen the blessing of working diligently. The lord blesses us in the times that we least expect it. This man has 36 years and he is a very humble man, he was in a war against Ecuador and he got hit in the side of the head with a bullet, he has a small whole there, it had cut a vein and shut his eyelid so he cant move it.

We really had a great week, we worked hard and feel really good about what we did. We just are hoping that pres is also happy with the work. We have had some experience this week that we will never forget. Like Saturday as we were doing contacts we found a Jehovah Witness. We taught him a little and then he asked us to pull out our bibles. And justly I had taken out my bible to be able to carry more copies of the book of Mormon. And my companion also, so we were without our bibles and he burned us a new one. I laughed my head off afterwards, because my comp felt dumb, but I was like who cares the Jehovah witness doesn’t have power like me to burn.

We also found in the street one guy that we had contacted before, but in this opportunity we found him drinking with some friends. He stopped us, and invited us to a pop, but we said no we are going to the house, so he bought the pop and sent us home with it. It was a little strange, but we left with a free coke. But then a chick that was a little drunk came over and tried to invite us to drink with them, my comp called her a *not nice name*as we were walking away. I also in that moment started to laugh my head off. We had a great week…. We are planning on having another great week this week. I will give giving training this week for interviews. I hope I do well and hope that I can help the other missionaries. I also hope that you all have a great week and that all goes great. Love you all so very much