Monday, February 1, 2010

The Lord blesses us when we work hard February 1 2010

This week was really good. As a zone we finished this week with 5 baptisms and we finished the month with 9. It ended up being a good month. I was a little nervous and stressed that we were not going to end good and pres was going to kick our butts. But I feel really good how we finished with this week.

In our branch, most of the members took a bus to Lima to go to the temple, we are without a whole lot of members and so the work this week was slow without them. We had to do a lot of contacts for ourselves. It didn’t help that I have had a cough all week. Monday I felt so bad I had a cold. Well I had a fever and my body was weak and I had a headache and stomach ache. We didn’t go out to work I was all day in my bed.

That just gave us more reason to work really hard the other days. We did like 164 contacts or to say we talked with that many people in the whole week. We were so tired by the end of the week knocking doors and talking. We felt like we talked to all of Moyobamba. We did not have a whole lot of success in these contacts and we were a little bummed come Sunday. Then all of the sudden in Sunday school, a man with sunglasses walked in and we sat by him and to our surprise he was not a member but had been assisting in another part far from here. We taught him after the meetings and he said I have decided to be baptize and no one can tell me no. So in this week I have seen the blessing of working diligently. The lord blesses us in the times that we least expect it. This man has 36 years and he is a very humble man, he was in a war against Ecuador and he got hit in the side of the head with a bullet, he has a small whole there, it had cut a vein and shut his eyelid so he cant move it.

We really had a great week, we worked hard and feel really good about what we did. We just are hoping that pres is also happy with the work. We have had some experience this week that we will never forget. Like Saturday as we were doing contacts we found a Jehovah Witness. We taught him a little and then he asked us to pull out our bibles. And justly I had taken out my bible to be able to carry more copies of the book of Mormon. And my companion also, so we were without our bibles and he burned us a new one. I laughed my head off afterwards, because my comp felt dumb, but I was like who cares the Jehovah witness doesn’t have power like me to burn.

We also found in the street one guy that we had contacted before, but in this opportunity we found him drinking with some friends. He stopped us, and invited us to a pop, but we said no we are going to the house, so he bought the pop and sent us home with it. It was a little strange, but we left with a free coke. But then a chick that was a little drunk came over and tried to invite us to drink with them, my comp called her a *not nice name*as we were walking away. I also in that moment started to laugh my head off. We had a great week…. We are planning on having another great week this week. I will give giving training this week for interviews. I hope I do well and hope that I can help the other missionaries. I also hope that you all have a great week and that all goes great. Love you all so very much


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