Monday, February 15, 2010

Worked Really Hard This Week, Went Caving February 15 2010

Well it was a great week. We worked really hard. I feel good about what we did. I feel like this has been the week that I have worked the hardest in the whole mission. We taught like crazy this week. And we have challenged I think just about everyone we teach.

We had a fun activity this week with the members. We did the great show of laughs. We did what we did in Iquitos. It was fun. We did all the same games. We did cake to the face, but it turned on us. The members told us that we should be the ones to answer their questions. So we tried but we ended up with shaving cream in our faces. My comp did not like it but I enjoyed myself because, after I got three plates to the face I turned on everyone and we had a great big war. It was fun but my comp had run to the bathroom so nobody could get him. I hope that the members enjoyed it. Well it was a little stressful for me because the activity should have started at 7 but no members showed up at that time, they started showing up at 8. But after that it all went really well.

We did go to the caves on Monday it was really cool. The cave was dark and there were a lot of bats. My comp was really scared and he was grabbing his neck the whole time, and saying lets go, we shouldn’t go any more. But we didn’t listen to him and kept on going. We finally came to a part where we couldn’t find a way to keep going so we turned around and it seemed that we ran out as fast as we could. We climbed in like 1 hour y half and left in like 20 min. it was a great pday..

Today will also be great we are going to some waterfalls. Well I gotta go.
Love you all send lots of love to my niece and nephew and tell them happy birthday from me.
Elder Hyde

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