Monday, February 8, 2010

Rain RAIN rain...... Feb 8 2010

This week for us was rough. Monday was great we played soccer in the rain. It was fun.

Tuesday was a little stressful because we had to get some things ready to send a package weekly to Lima. I had to prepare like a little training to help the missionaries and then get everything ready for the interviews.

Wednesday we traveled for 2 and a half hours to go to Tarapoto. It was a long trip. We had the interviews and as the privileged zone leaders president took us to lunch, he took us to the hotel where they were staying and I ate a beefsteak al pobre. Or beefsteak to the poor. It was a big plate and it was really good. It was a steak and eggs and rice and fried banana and a salad. It was not that poor. We then had to travel another 2 hours and a half back to the house. By this time we were really tired and it was raining. We did a little bit of tracting. But it was a little hard working in the rain.

Thursday it rained all day, it is hard to enter in the houses, I think it was because our shoes are dirty. Ha ha ha. We have been planning an activity for this Thursday. I hope it all goes good. I think we need more help from the members. It is a little hard because there are very few members and my comp has kinda a bad attitude about that. He thinks that all of the members don’t want to help us. But we really haven’t tried to get them to help us. So this week that is what we are going to do.

Friday it rained all day, we have been working so hard in the rain but it wipes us out walking all day in the rain without being able to teach a whole lot. Our whole zone did not have a great week because of the rain. We are praying for a better week. I know that if we just keep working hard the fruit is going to come, I have no doubt. We just need to find the members that are going to be the most eligible to help us find new people that are ready. Now almost all are back from Lima, and we are going to take advantage about that. Sometimes I am grateful for the rain because it takes away the hot weather but also sometime I hate the rain because it stops us from being able to work hard.

This week we found a sister that grows sugar cane. We spent a few min with this less active family eating sugar cane, it is really good and sweet. I wish I could grow some at home it would be soooooo sssssssssswwwweeeeettttttttt.

There is a sister in the ward that wants to buy my ring. I don’t know why but everyone is envious about my ring. Maybe it is because I am soooo cooooool and everybody thinks they will remember me if they have my ring. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Rodil who has a baptism date showed up again to the church, but today the member saw him a little suspicious, they think he is taking advantage of the members. They say he is making up his story and he is just here to get take money from the members, some are saying that he just wants to get baptized because he thinks the church is rich and that it might be able to help him(or he can rob it.) I have been a little stressed with this because I don’t know if it is true and I don’t know what he can do to us if it is true. We are going to visit him and try to get everything straight. I hate to judge him, but it is hard not to when all the members are telling us things like that. I will have an update on that next week.; )

Today is really good weather, I am glad that the rain let up for today. We have some great plans, we are going to go to some caves and maybe to a river that starts from under a big rock. It will be really fun and amazing to see things like that. God has created such a beautiful world and today I hope to enjoy it. And to think that He created all this for us. All this is so beautiful and I am sure it is important to Him. The most beautiful things and most important to him are us, we are the only things that He wants back in His presence.
Love Elder Hyde

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