Monday, June 21, 2010

This Could be Our Last Email From Peru.....June 21 2010

Well today we are on a little weird schedule. We are going to play soccer on an artificial turf. We have to go in the afternoon so that is why we came to internet late. It was a really busy week, it was an alright week but I think the tiredness is starting to set in. Just kidding.

Some things that have happened, I stressed a little about the pictures I had to send to the mission office. The first few emails didn’t work, the other was to big, stuff like that happened then I finally sent my USB with the missionary that is doing the video. I also sent a card to have made. It will be like a business card with my name address and all that good stuff. It will be cool.

I think this is the last email that I will be sending from Peru. Maybe they give us a little time next week but I don’t know. wooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww time has flown by really fast, I don’t know how to feel right now. I feel like I have done a great work, but it is a little weird to think that the next week I will be in my house and I wont be able to preach the gospel. woooooooowwww it hurts a little. I have been able to do have a lot of special experiences here in Peru and I hope they stay fresh in my mind for a long time.

Well love y’all a ton and hope that this week is full of blessings.....
love, elder Hyde.
hasta luego maybe next week.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Working for a Beautiful Wife...........June 14 2010

Our plans for today are to play a little soccer and I have to go to the offices to do a few things. I need to give them my pictures for the slide show. Wow, I still don’t feel like I should be dying.

Well it was a great week, we had three baptisms. Kelly was not one of them. We have not been able to find her. I think her family is telling her some things and she is losing excitement. We are still praying for her but we will see if it is her time or not. We are really excited to help bur but Satan has a great hold on some people, (I am not saying her but her family and boyfriend).

We did have a lot of great experiences this week though. We had a talent show that went great. We, all the missionaries, acted. We had fun.

We also have been teaching a single mother and her daughter that had a lot of problems before we started teaching them. We started teaching them and we have seen a drastic change in them. Especially in the daughter, at first when we started to talk about the gospel she did not want to listen. But when we started to teach her mom she saw the change in her attitude and she started listening. We can feel a greater love between them and a nice spirit in their house. They have been progressing a lot but the mom says she needs more time to change some things.

This week we are going to be working twice as hard because I am not trunky. These last few weeks are the weeks I have to win a more beautiful wife.

Well, the time has come that I have to say goodbye, I hope that this week goes great and that we can all see the blessings of the Lord in our lives. This is something that has helped me not to be too trunky.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Short Letter, Teaching Kelly June 6 2010

All is well here, a little bit bad weather wise. but it's all good.

This story is for Aunt Tammy, She speaks Spanish and can interrupt what Derek writes.

Elder Hyde dice hola a tia Tammy. como esta tia. esta semana fue excelente.
I do have a story, these last few weeks we have been working with Kelly, sister of 27 years and she wants to get baptized but her family influences her decision a lot. She accepted a date and then called us and told us no.v We have been trying to excite her but she always said mas adelante(translate Tammy please) She has felt the spirit strongly but just is afraid of her family. So we decided to sing songs, bring the spirit, teach and challenge her again. She was still a little hesitant and we had to ask her directly what her fears or doubts were. We then were able to solve them and she was really excited and accepted a date. She came to church and is really excited for this Saturday, her baptism.

Sorry for the short letter, I wrote to Alden and to Grandma Baker.
Love you tons,
Elder Hyde

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Alden's Graduation and Grandpa's funeral May 31 2010

We don’t have a lot planned for today, earlier we went to the bank to take out money for he last time. Wow, it still hasn’t hit that I am ending my time here. We are then going to do something but have not planned out what we will do.

Give my congratulations to Alden for getting a white tassel. I hope you had a great graduation. Sounds like you had a great party, and a great lunch, thanks for making me hungry.

Well I have to tell you it sucks to hear about grandpa. (sorry for the word) I think you made the right choice to tell me in writing. The news hit hard at first but thanks to all the things I have been able to learn and teach here in the mission I know that he is in a much better place where he is now resting from all his troubles and worries. I understand the big picture or the great plan that God has given to us to know that he is a lot better off now. He is a lot happier now. I have always liked Alma 40:12, Grandpa is now in that place that one day we all will want to go. Send lots of love to Grandma from me please. Tell her that she is in my prayers.

Graduation and funeral is over so what could be the next event that you are looking forward to? You got me stumped there.

Well all here is just great,
Love you all a ton,
Elder Hyde

Monday, May 24, 2010

New Area, New Companion, Feeling Earthquakes May 24 2010

I have actually felt a few earthquakes in the last few weeks. They are pretty small, most of them happened at 2 or 3 of the morning. Yesterday we felt one at like 5:45 in the night. They were small though. It is getting a little cold here but for me it is normal, my comp is always telling me to put on my sweater. I never do because I am not cold.

Today we are going to play soccer and clean the house because we have interviews tomorrow. We get to visit with President Perez. We actually had stake conference yesterday and president talked. He gave all of us hugs, and in his talk he and his wife sounded a little trunky. : )

Well a little about my area and my new comp. I am in Independencia, it is the zone of the offices. It is a really good zone, we are 8 missionaries and a couple, or what do you call them missionary marriage or something like that, husband and wife, the Earls. They are from Utah and they don’t speak to much Spanish but it is really good for not going to the MTC and CCM for mucho tiempo.

My comp is Elder Cardenas, he is from Arequipa. he has 2 months in the mission. He is from the group of my son, tranamil. he is really cool. We are working hard we had two baptism this weekend, they are good youth. We then took out 4 other dates Saturday and Sunday. They are for the 5th of June. ooooohhhhh speaking of June you don’t have to pay for this next month. ya you're debt free. : )

I gotta go, hope you have a great week and that all goes great with graduation. Tell Alden Congrats for me and give him a big hug.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Last Change...... to Independcia May 17 2010

Hey family whats up? Here it is a little cold. Changes are in and I will be leaving to go to Independencia. with an elder Cardenas. I have not been there before. Elder Ridge goes to Tahuantusuyo and Elder Morton to Ventanilla. They are all close to each other.

So this week was good. We ended with one baptism and a confirmation. We were a little stressed out about her and the things we had to do, interview and some things like that. I also had like 6 other interviews to do for the other missionaries. It was a great week.

I was able to catch up on my journal that I didn't write in for like a month. We also left with a few members to visit some members less active and also investigators. Monday we had p day libre we played a little bit of soccer and then ate lunch with branch president and watched a movie with his family.

Tuesday we had a meeting and then got to work we had a great day with Fabian who walked with us to teach and do some contacts, he likes to talk to every one.

Wednesday we had a great day walking and teaching the good news to everyone. Preparing the people for their baptisms.

Thursday we had to do all the interviews.

Friday we had to go to the dispedida or the farewell testimony meeting. It was pretty good. I guess the next time we go to this meeting we will be the ones giving testimonies. That got me thinking a little about how much time has really passed by and how fast it has gone. With that meditation it got me a thinking that this last change I have to work hard so I don't regret anything. It will be hard I think going to a new area, new missionaries and new members starting all over. Also leaving all the members that are so cool here in Collique. Well all is alright with that.

Saturday we had the baptism, joined with the other 2 missionaries, they had 3 baptisms. It was a great service.

Sunday was good they asked us to speak in the branch and I spoke again on the atonement. I tried to tell the joke of Jesus and Satan doing the competition on the computers. It was alright but I didn't think they got it, or it doesn't work to great in Spanish. I had to explain a little and then they got it.

Well I hope you have a great week and we will talk next week.
Love you all
Love elder hyde

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Great Week in Collique May 10 2010

Well all here is just dandy. Here to we are waking up to cold, but it is now getting a little bit warmer. thruout the day it is hot. but I dont think we are expecting any snow, maybe a little mist of water. I hope I did not confuse you too much yesterday in the phone call. (He speaks Spanish better than English) We had a great week, first we started with p day that we ate tacos from Guatemala, and we watched a movie, I don’t remember what it is called but it was about a team of rugby in Africa. It was pretty good. So I hope you have been making a list of the good movies that have come out, so I can spend all my time watching them. :)

Tuesday we had a visit from Elder Gavarret. It was really good, he got us excited to keep on working and not get to uptight about numbers. The only thing is that that meeting was about a five hour meeting. We had no time to go to our appointments so we called them to say sorry and set another appointment.

All week we had been helping Sister Jessica Acosta get ready for her baptism. She is really cool; she was invited by one of her friends and one day showed up alone to the church. We sent up an appointment and we challenged her right of the bat and she accepted. She was really excited and it was really amazing the testimony that she shared after her baptism, as we listened she said the words “yo sé” or in English “I know”. Those two simple words hit me a lot. I think everyone in the room felt that great spirit that I felt. That helps me a lot to hear those two words. Because if we would not have taught her and challenged her to do the things we challenged her to do she would have never been able to feel the great love that God has for every one of us.

Friday we had a service project that we moved a bunch of earth and then Saturday we had another that we were trying to build a house or reconstruct it. We then got ready for the baptism and all went great.

Sunday in the church bishop called us up to the stand to help with the confirmation and in that moment he told me that I would have to do it. I was a little surprised and nervous because it has been a whole year since I have done it and I wasn’t sure what to say. I said a small little prayer in my heart and gave it a go. It went really good. I asked my comp if I sounded nervous in my speech. He said no, but it sounded in my head that it came out nervous.

Then after the sacrament the bishop called us again to give talks. Well my comp was assigned a topic the last week but bishop didn’t ask me he had two other speakers lined up. But when they don’t show up, I was the backup, who else but the missionaries.

We had a little work to do Sunday before we were able to call. My comp called first and I slept, then I called and my comp slept. Then we finished and got back to work until 9 and we ate and did some reports. Well that was basically our week here in Collique.
Well love you all a tons. Until later. LOVE ELDER HYDE

Monday, May 3, 2010

Book of Mormon Challenge 60 days May 3 2010

Well this week went really good. We had been working with three families less active and the three of them have gone to the chapel. It feels really good when you see them go to the church and feel the spirit there. A lot of the less actives are less active because they are passing thru some problems. Sometime I feel like a psychiatrist, because the people are always telling us their problems and we have to tell them how to resolve them. But the answer is easy. Go to church, pray and read the scriptures.

Yesterday one sister was having a really hard time with her daughter that we baptized, she had to change schools and it was a big change for her and the daughter doesn’t want to study. I think we were led by the spirit yesterday to her house. As we were walking to another appointment that we had planned, I felt really strongly that we should visit them. I was very happy that we were able to help them. Something I don’t really like is that when they tell the burdens it is almost like it becomes yours. I think I now know what it means in Mosiah 18:8-9.

It was a really good week, we took out 4 new dates. Thursday, the Chavez family (Maria, Milagros, and Julio) and sister Mariela Amaya. Before she just wanted to listen to us and she felt that that was enough. She didn’t want to get baptized or go to church. She always put excuses not to go like the studies. But the last week she went and felt really good and she told us this week that she wants to get baptized. Wow what a great experience.

We also had to split the wards with two other missionaries because there are some missionaries that have problems with their visa to go to Venezuela. So we took the two wards where there are baptism, and left them with the one that doesn’t. We have been working really hard these last weeks.

I am getting along with my comp and I feel the blessing of the lord, so much in the baptism and being able to feel and follow the spirit. I have had a great time serving the Lord and I will make the best out of the 2 months that I have left. Not that I am counting.

I challenged yesterday the sister Meri (from up top with problems.) that she could read the Book of Mormon in 60 days. Before I leave we will be finishing the Book of Mormon. I too committed to read it. I know that the lord loves us. He wants that we all are happy he just asks that we do the little things to receive the big blessings. I love the Lord and I love all of y’all.

I hope that this week goes great.
talk to you Sunday...................................

Thursday, April 29, 2010

No More Joking Around. It is official April 27 2010

It is official. Elder Hyde has travel plans.
He will be arriving in Utah June 30th!

_____________________ _____ ______________ ______________ _______ ______

AIRCRAFT: BOEING 757-200/300

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spiritual Lessons, Funky Phone Call and Earthquake April 26 2010

Well how is all in Utah. Well I hope all is well. Everything here is going great. We had a great week.
Tuesday the temple
Wednesday we had a visit from one of the assistants; he came to our area and walked all day with us. It was a good day we had a few lessons that were very spiritual.

One of the lessons was with a family less active, they are having a few problems as a family and are passing thru a hard time. We had a very good lesson about the plan of salvation and how it can help them if they just will endure to the end. We have had a lot of spiritual experiences this week. I have really felt that the spirit was guiding my words because they were things that I never have taught before or said in the lessons. We are helping some really cool people progress but we have found it a little challenging because almost all are living together.

I heard about your funky phone call in Spanish. It was from brother William who we helped get married the last month. ¿where was Joe? What time do you go to church? The wife of William finally got confirmed yesterday and it was a great happy day for me.

We had to go to the branch and out of the blue they asked us to talk a little about the temple. Well very unprepared I got up and just bore my testimony, it was really cool again I felt the spirit guiding my words.

There was a small earthquake here the other day, just a small one that was at three in the morning. It was an early alarm clock, not to big of a deal. Well I am really enjoying my time here in Peru, and the time that i have to teach the great news to all the great people her in Peru. They are so kind and loving to us even though they are not all members and they don’t really know us they are still loving. Well that is most of the time.
I love you all and am glad to be in the family.
Elder Hyde

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cake and Egg to the Head on My Birthday! April 20 2010

Hey what a great week. It was a good week full of work. We have been working with the members a lot getting to know them and getting help from them.

This Sunday we met a sister named Jessica and she has attended the church, we set a baptism date with her for the 8th of May. She is really excited she has a few friends that she studies with that are members. She accepted a date really fast.

We also have been teaching some really great people that love listening to us but have a hard time making the decision to get baptised.

One of the bishops called us Saturday and told us that we had talks for Sunday. So I spent all of my study time getting a talk prepared so cccoooooooooolllllll. Come Sunday I am so ready to give my talk. Bishop comes up and says happy birthday elder. We have a surprise for you in the meeting. I was thinking well what it could be. So come time to give the talks and the bishop only calls my comp and not me. So I think that was the surprise. But I was so prepared to give a great talk. But there is always next month.

I also had another surprise waiting for me in the night at the pension. Cake and eggs to the head. Well I was not the only one who enjoyed the egg my comp also (by accident) got egged. That was fun, not. The pension is so cool and great. I had a great b-day. The members are so cool and the pres invited us to eat and we talk for a while. He also has a daughter who completed years on the 17th. So we went up and visited them and wished her happy birthday. I have grown so close to that family, they are so great and loving.

Well today I had to have an interview with pres to get my recommend renewed so he showed up early to the temple and we had an interview in the car and he gave me my recommend. I felt so special that pres would do that for me. It was a great day in the temple like always. I just can’t wait to get home to be so close to one that I can go in whichever minute that I want. But that doesn’t mean I am trunky, Just excited to get home, There is a big difference.

Hey have you heard from Jody Taylor? When does Kyle get home? It should be in this month no? hey send hellos to the ward, and all the family. We here are doing really good and we are enjoying the work and doing a lot of good. We hope all there is great. I love you all very much and well we will talk next week.
Love elder Hyde.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Explain the Offer.....................April 12 2010

Hey my family. All is well here in Peru. We have had a great week. We spent the first few days with elder Caceres saying goodbye and then

Wednesday we picked up my son. His name is elder Tranamil. He is from the south part of Chile. He is the only member in his family of 5. He is really excited to be here but still a little nervous to talk to the people and teach. So I am doing a lot of talking, but everyday with more practice he is getting better. We have been working a lot in the highest part of the mountains where the people are really humble and willing to listen. It has been a great week. Right now we don’t have any dates but in the last few days we have received some references that I know we will be able to challenge for baptism.

Our zone leaders are elder Ridge and Quintana. And in my district, is elder Morton. I think we will all die here together, WELL that is unless I decide to take president up on his offer!!!!! Well this week we have basically been doing contacts and trying to find new people.

We have found some people very interested in learning and getting baptized but that have some problems that they have to resolve. One of those things is that they need to get married and the other is that they study too much. Yesterday we talked with a young women really interested but she has to go and study everyday in morning, and she can’t miss any of the days. Along with those there are other problems but not so big, mostly they have doubts that we have to resolve and to the water we go. : )

My comp now is a little bit more serious than my last comp, so walking in the street is a little bit boring but I think my kid is just a little shocked from all the weird things that are here and the weird things that happen here. For example today we are a little late getting to internet because where we usually go, they didn’t have internet. Come to find out that last night some one cut the cables and stole them to sell them and make a little bit of money. It is so weird here, they do anything for money. Well I love you all tons. And hope all goes well this week. Love your son and brother
Elder Hyde. Manda saludos a todos alli.

Sometimes we are able to email each other. This was the conversation today.
I (MOM) responded to Elder Hyde,
“You had better explain the offer!”

Elder Hyde:
“So you know that there are going to be a few changes in the north and well lots of elders are going to be changed and the mission north we are fairly new or in other words almost all the elders here have less than one year. So pres asked me to think about if I could stay a month longer to help the new pres. What are your thoughts mom?”

“As your mom I want you to do what you feel is right. I support you in your decision!
When do you have to tell the Pres. Are other missionaries being asked also?”

Elder Hyde:
“But mom I want to know what you really think????

"Dad has been teasing me that you would be staying.
I have told him that it would not happen
This better not be a joke."

Elder Hyde’s last email:
“Mom mom mom sorry, mom it is all just a joke. : ) love you mom gotta go. love elder Hyde”

Do you think this was all Elder Hyde’s idea? You better talk to his dad.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Conference and Cadbury eggs April 5 2010

Well we have has a really busy week, we have had a lot to do.

Monday we had to clean the house because they changed our plans and Tuesday we had interviews. So we had interviews Tuesday, all went well. Then we worked in the afternoon and had some lessons and we prepared a young woman for her baptism. It was the sister that we got married the last week, this week we got her baptized. The bishop didn’t want to confirm her till the next week.

Thursday we had to do our district meeting to work out a few things. Then Friday we had the farewell testimony meeting. It has been a long week with lots of activities.

Then you know Saturday and Sunday was full of conference. I was able to listen to them all in Spanish. It is a lot easier than the last time I was here in Collique. : ) I was able to enjoy all the session, even though I was a little tired I really enjoyed the session of priesthood. I enjoyed all of them really. I did get your package and it was great. To stay awake I took the Cadbury eggs. They were delicious.

This week is transfers. I just got the news. I will be staying here and I am going to give birth again. (Training a new missionary) My comp will be going to Moyobamba. He is excited. I am excited too to stay here; I think we can still have a lot of success here. I hope my “son” comes with lots of excitement to work. We are going to work really hard, I can’t get trunky.

I love yall and hope all goes well this week.
love, elder Hyde

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

She Didn't Want in the Water, Then We Couldn't Get Her Out March 29 2010

Well this week went pretty good. A little stressful, but great. We have been working with a couple so they could get married. One moment they were excited and the other they lost that excitement. It was like a roller coaster, up and down. We were also preparing a young man of 23 years for baptism and also a little girl, her mother is a member. With her was where the stress came.

So this is the story, we can only find the mom in the night, like 8:30, 9ish. So we went to find her and talk Thursday about the baptism and she wanted to move it again until the next week. We did all we could to convince her that it would be better this week for conference and all the next week. We got her to stay for Saturday. We got the interview and good. Come Saturday we tried to find her to set the time for the baptism and we finally found her at like 4 and we said six. We then called everyone and told them when it was. Then we ran to get other things done. Come 6 o’clock and we were in the chapel. And lo and behold the brother we sent to fill the font barely was getting it started. So the mom started giving us crap. We didn’t have the clothes either because pres had them. We called pres but he didn’t answer, so we booked it from the church to where we could take a car to go to the house of pres. We found the clothes and booked it again to the church. We changed, took pictures and then we got to the most important part, the baptism. Well I had the privilege to baptize the girl, but she started to enter and she got scared and left the water. After a minute talking to her with her mom we got her excited and got her baptized and we shut the doors and we could not get her to leave the water. A little stressful but all good. : )

Back to the couple, the wedding was Friday and they started taking out papers Thursday. It was a little stressful for us because we have been trying to help them for like 3 weeks. We finally sent them happily to Barranca to get married and they got there and they returned happily married. It was great to be able to help them. The husband is member but the wife is not so she has the goal to get baptized. Well, that is all that comes to my mind about this week. It was a week full of work and good times.

Love you all. Have a great week.
Love elder Hyde

Monday, March 22, 2010

I Know the Lord is Happy With Our Work March 22 2010

Hey this week was very interesting and a little stressful.

First we had some investigators that got unexcited for their baptism and so we were a little stressed about them and how we could get them excited again. So we spent the whole week with them to see what we could do to help them. We got one excited but the other was a little hesitant. But we assured her that if she would take this great decision that the lord would be very happy with her. But we couldn’t get her to accept. She went to the baptisms that we had and I think she liked the feelings. We just haven’t been able to find her after that.

The other was the sister of President Diaz, our branch pres, she thought it was too fast but we talked with her and really showed her she didn’t need to know much. We focused a lot on the atonement of Jesus and the things that we need to do to pay him back, well not pay him back but to show that we are grateful for the thing that he did. It was a very spiritual lesson. I think we were all edified. Well we finished the week with 5 baptisms. It was a great day.

The mother of president also was baptized with her daughter. And all that was a surprise to the branch president. The mom told us not to tell him and that they wanted him to know when they were dressed in white. So we had to make a plan to get all the things done and how we could do everything without pres knowing. So we did pretty good, pres changed in baptism clothes and we sent the women to change. Pres sat in the room and we surprised him when they walked in the room. He was surprised and really happy. He made the comment like five or six times after that his mom had always been so hard and didn’t want to accept. This week was branch conference and he said it was a great activity (the baptisms) to finish the week.

We had 4 baptisms in the branch. The two others were little kids, hector and Geraldine. It was a good experience the water was cold and hector (I baptized him)when we got in the water his teeth were shivering and I tried to hold his chin shut but it didn’t work and he started cracking up. The little girl was baptized by my comp and she could not stop laughing. It was kind of funny. I really enjoyed my week.

Friday we did service and we basically killed ourselves from 11 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. We were digging a trench so that they can put sewer pipes and water to the houses. It wore me out. I was basically dead Saturday in the morning and was lucky that I could get Hector out of the water.

It was a great week. I really enjoyed myself and I know that the lord is happy with our work. I am too. I love you all and hope all is well and all goes well
Love elder Hyde

Monday, March 15, 2010

More Baptisms, More Blessings, March 15 2010

What a week, we had a great week this week. It was a little bit stressful one of the days though.

Monday we went to a park to play soccer and we ended up playing Foosball tables and air hockey. It was fun even though we spent a little bit of money to play. We then got home exhausted and decided to sleep. We sleep and then got ready for a Family Home Evening with a family recently baptized. They had a little girl of like 3 or 4 years that sat on my lap and fell asleep. It made me a little trunky. It was a fun night.

Tuesday we had a great reunion (Zone Meeting) and then got right to work. We have been working this week mostly with a little branch Villahermosa and we seem to be having a lot of success there. We have been able to get a lot of work done there.

Wednesday we had been trying to find Vicky to see how she was and finally today we found her but extremely busy. So we set another appointment for Thursday. Today was a day that we are trying to find couples that want to get married and that we can help. We are trying to help 3-4 couples that want to get married and the wife’s can get baptized. One of the husbands can be baptized also. We are hoping to get them excited to take out their papers.

Thursday was the day of stress. So we went to Vicky today and she said well I got good news and bad news. Good news she wants to get baptized. Bad news, she is going to move and is leaving Friday. She is not moving to far and will be coming Sundays to church. But we wanted to baptize her before she left. We tried to talk her into calling and saying that she couldn’t come and she would be there Sunday in the night. She didn’t think they would go for that and so my comp said it’s an emergency. We should call the Zone Leader and they will come interview her and we baptize her now and confirm her tonight. So she said I am ready to baptize me now and let’s do it. We had to then run like chickens with our head cut off. We ran to call the ZL and then to find the keys and then to call and cancel our appointments. As DL I had three interviews to do. So we switched a little. My comp with one ZL and I went with the other. We did the interview fast and tried to get back to the chapel before the baptism. I got there right in time to see her go under the water. I missed the picture but we are going to fotoshop me in.

Friday we did service my hands are so weak and girly. I got two blisters on my hands and then decided to put my gloves. We then got to work. We have had a really great week. I think the lord is blessing me and my comp for all the hard work we did. I think I am seeing the fruit of the work in Moyo. We have 8 dates and 7 of them are for this week the 20th. We also had a wedding the 26th of March and maybe will have more baptism the 27th. The lord is very loving and I feel the love and blessing from him.

Saturday we went to work and to set more dates and then we saw the branch president working and we decided to help him dig a trench. We worked in our shirts and ties. And I think we called attention to everyone, they were wondering what are these weirdos doing. But I don’t care, maybe it will be a way we can enter in their homes.

Sunday we were split in three, the three wards that we have all wanted us to speak and we had to tell one of them no. We spoke two times and then did divisions to get a little bit more done. We visited all our fechas and tried to animate or excite them. They are all excited. I am too.

I am really happy with what we were able to do this week and the blessing from the lord I am enjoying too. We are going to work a lot harder this week to help these blessings coming.
I love you all and hope all goes well.
Hey send love to everyone and hugs and kisses to you and all.
until next week love you tons,
love elder Hyde.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hard Work Equals Blessings March 8 2010

Well we had a really great week. In my district we ended up with 4 baptisms. This week we had a lot of lessons with members because we have one returned missionary that loves to do stuff with us. We had a baptism this week and it was really a spiritual experience and it helped me learn or remember the reason why we are here in this time doing the things we are doing. Really the sister was very happy and it was great to see her after crying, we are now going to be trying to baptize her family. Really that is the reason why I am here is share this great happiness and joy with others.

We also had the energy after to go out and set two more dates. We did divisions and I set a date with a member’s mom and then we got back together and set another date together, with a little girl.

We also had a good experience with a sister we have been teaching. We decided that we would stop for a while teaching her because she has all the lessons and she doesn’t want to accept. The reason we leave them is so they can see the things they are missing, usually it takes a week or so. But with her it took 2 days. We told her Tuesday that we wouldn’t be passing by a whole lot and Friday she told us she is going to get baptized on the 20th of March. That was so awesome.

We are getting a lot of blessings from the lord and hope they will keep coming. We are going to continue working really hard so we can have more success. Wow yesterday it was really hot in our room and I could not sleep. So I am moving today on like 3 hours of sleep. I hope to be able to rest a little.

Here the weather is always warm. There are a few days well almost all the days that in the afternoon it is really hot. We have a new bottle of water that has a filter so now anywhere we go we can ask for water and the members can get it out of the tap or if it is necessary the toilet. I hope there is never that emergency.

Oh yeah a little about what we did last p day. First we came to the internet. Then to the bank to take out our winnings, and then off to the a big mountain that somebody had the great Idea to climb. There we did a little torch and burned all the bad traditions (habits) that we have. It was the Olympics because this months we are trying to break records, in every area we have a record and we have a prize if we are able to break it. So we also watched "Remember the Titans". We finished the day at 6 and went and got to work. I will be trying to get pictures sent some time soon.

Well that was basically the week. So this week we will get more things done.
Love you all a lot and wish the best in this week.
Love elder Hyde

Monday, March 1, 2010

Back to my Birthplace March 1 2010

Well It has been a great week.

Monday we had the day to work and say goodbye to all the members in Moyobamba. It was a great time. It was the hardest thing not to cry when we left the fam Cubas. I did it though. The hardest thing there is a little kid that when I went to shake his hand, he grabbed my legs and gave me a hug and started to cry. I was shocked and a little sad.

Tuesday we had to pack and get ready to leave. We left Moya at 2 pm and got to Tarapoto at 4:30 pm. It was a long trip. We had an elder that left at 6 pm to go to Iquitos and so we all had to go early to the airport to see him off. We waited there for another 3 hours till our flight left.

Wednesday I met my new companion, we came home and unpacked a little. I washed a few things so I could work in clean clothes. There was no time to send them in Moyo. We then got to work. We have been working hard all week. This is a great move, I am back in my birthplace (this is where I started when I came to Peru) and I am enjoying it. Some people remember me and the memories are all coming back to me. It is good to be able to see some of the people and see their reaction to seeing me back. They can see me speaking a lot more. My companion is Elder Caceres from Guatemala. He is so funny. He has 2 months in the mission. We are getting along great. We joke around and really estamos enjoying this time. We are going to have success in the work of the Lord in this change. I can taste it now. It is going to be great.

Well I don’t have much to say right now. I do have to tell you I had my first bad experience with a dog this week. It came out of nowhere and vanished in a twinkling of an eye. Don’t worry I washed the wound with alcohol and water and all that I had with me.

I got the package with the calendar and candy. Thanks, it is a great calendar.
We did not feel the earthquake. People just talked about it or I would not have know that there was an earthquake.

Love you all lots and hope that this week goes just great.
Love Elder Hyde

Monday, February 22, 2010

Leaving Moyobamba, Leaving friends, Gong to Lima February 22 2010

Well here I am in moyo for the last time. Today we found out the changes and I am going back to Lima. i will be going as district leader. Pres wants to leave the mission with lots of elders with experience being leaders, so he is dropping a lot of zone leaders and putting in new ones.

It is going to be hard leaving here, even though we didn’t have many converts and the work was a little hard. The members are so great and we shared so many great moments together.

This change went by really fast. i will be in the zone Santidad. I might be returning to my old area of Collique. because that is where the district leader is at. But maybe it will be another area. I don’t know yet. It will be alright being district leader, a little bit less responsibility.

In this zone leaving will be me, my comp, elder Ruiz, elder Zarate, so that makes four of us. My new comp is elder Caceres. I have not heard of him I am sure he is pretty new.

Well this week went great. We had some members go preaching with us, which was something really good. We also had some really good lessons. We watched a few church movies this week with some families that would like to get baptized, but have some problems with the law of chastity.

We had a great p day. We all went the waterfalls that are here like 45 minutes. They were so beautiful. It let us relax a little too. I was so tempted to jump off one of the cliffs into the water. It looked so refreshing. but as a missionary I cant do that. We have taken lots of pictures and they are all so beautiful. I will be making a cd of the caves and the waterfalls and be sending it in this next week.

Nothing to much exciting happened this week, just hard work and having fun while doing it. We have to do some informes today so it will take away some of our time to work and say goodbye today. We are leaving here tomorrow in the night.
I love you all tons and hope that all goes well in this week. Tell Chloee happy birthday from me. And also Tyson.

love elder Derek Hyde.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Worked Really Hard This Week, Went Caving February 15 2010

Well it was a great week. We worked really hard. I feel good about what we did. I feel like this has been the week that I have worked the hardest in the whole mission. We taught like crazy this week. And we have challenged I think just about everyone we teach.

We had a fun activity this week with the members. We did the great show of laughs. We did what we did in Iquitos. It was fun. We did all the same games. We did cake to the face, but it turned on us. The members told us that we should be the ones to answer their questions. So we tried but we ended up with shaving cream in our faces. My comp did not like it but I enjoyed myself because, after I got three plates to the face I turned on everyone and we had a great big war. It was fun but my comp had run to the bathroom so nobody could get him. I hope that the members enjoyed it. Well it was a little stressful for me because the activity should have started at 7 but no members showed up at that time, they started showing up at 8. But after that it all went really well.

We did go to the caves on Monday it was really cool. The cave was dark and there were a lot of bats. My comp was really scared and he was grabbing his neck the whole time, and saying lets go, we shouldn’t go any more. But we didn’t listen to him and kept on going. We finally came to a part where we couldn’t find a way to keep going so we turned around and it seemed that we ran out as fast as we could. We climbed in like 1 hour y half and left in like 20 min. it was a great pday..

Today will also be great we are going to some waterfalls. Well I gotta go.
Love you all send lots of love to my niece and nephew and tell them happy birthday from me.
Elder Hyde

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Church News about Peru Missions and New President February 13 2010

New Peru Lima North Mission President July 2010

Lawrence Paul Blunck, 53, and Karen Janeece Hawman Blunck, four children, Peru Lima North Mission; Canby 2nd Ward, Oregon City Oregon Stake. Brother Blunck is ward Young Men president and a former counselor in a stake presidency, bishop, high councilor, counselor in a ward Young Men presidency and missionary in the Peru Lima Mission. Partner, Blunck & Walhood LLC. Born in Hood River, Ore., to Alfred Carl and Beverly Kay Garrett Blunck.

Sister Blunck serves as a counselor in a stake Relief Society presidency and is a former counselor in ward Young Women and Relief Society presidencies, seminary teacher and gospel doctrine teacher. Born in Sacramento, Calif., to Phillip Arthur and Grace Ardele Hawman.

New Missions for Peru July 2010

To better align resources and adjust to the ever changing needs of the Church, 10 new missions will be organized in July, while 14 other missions will be combined with neighboring missions. The resulting number of missions will be 340.

To see a map of new Peru Mission see this link.

Create the Peru Cusco and Peru Lima West missions from a realignment of the Peru Arequipa, Peru Lima Central, Peru Lima East, Peru Lima North and Peru Lima South missions.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Rain RAIN rain...... Feb 8 2010

This week for us was rough. Monday was great we played soccer in the rain. It was fun.

Tuesday was a little stressful because we had to get some things ready to send a package weekly to Lima. I had to prepare like a little training to help the missionaries and then get everything ready for the interviews.

Wednesday we traveled for 2 and a half hours to go to Tarapoto. It was a long trip. We had the interviews and as the privileged zone leaders president took us to lunch, he took us to the hotel where they were staying and I ate a beefsteak al pobre. Or beefsteak to the poor. It was a big plate and it was really good. It was a steak and eggs and rice and fried banana and a salad. It was not that poor. We then had to travel another 2 hours and a half back to the house. By this time we were really tired and it was raining. We did a little bit of tracting. But it was a little hard working in the rain.

Thursday it rained all day, it is hard to enter in the houses, I think it was because our shoes are dirty. Ha ha ha. We have been planning an activity for this Thursday. I hope it all goes good. I think we need more help from the members. It is a little hard because there are very few members and my comp has kinda a bad attitude about that. He thinks that all of the members don’t want to help us. But we really haven’t tried to get them to help us. So this week that is what we are going to do.

Friday it rained all day, we have been working so hard in the rain but it wipes us out walking all day in the rain without being able to teach a whole lot. Our whole zone did not have a great week because of the rain. We are praying for a better week. I know that if we just keep working hard the fruit is going to come, I have no doubt. We just need to find the members that are going to be the most eligible to help us find new people that are ready. Now almost all are back from Lima, and we are going to take advantage about that. Sometimes I am grateful for the rain because it takes away the hot weather but also sometime I hate the rain because it stops us from being able to work hard.

This week we found a sister that grows sugar cane. We spent a few min with this less active family eating sugar cane, it is really good and sweet. I wish I could grow some at home it would be soooooo sssssssssswwwweeeeettttttttt.

There is a sister in the ward that wants to buy my ring. I don’t know why but everyone is envious about my ring. Maybe it is because I am soooo cooooool and everybody thinks they will remember me if they have my ring. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

Rodil who has a baptism date showed up again to the church, but today the member saw him a little suspicious, they think he is taking advantage of the members. They say he is making up his story and he is just here to get take money from the members, some are saying that he just wants to get baptized because he thinks the church is rich and that it might be able to help him(or he can rob it.) I have been a little stressed with this because I don’t know if it is true and I don’t know what he can do to us if it is true. We are going to visit him and try to get everything straight. I hate to judge him, but it is hard not to when all the members are telling us things like that. I will have an update on that next week.; )

Today is really good weather, I am glad that the rain let up for today. We have some great plans, we are going to go to some caves and maybe to a river that starts from under a big rock. It will be really fun and amazing to see things like that. God has created such a beautiful world and today I hope to enjoy it. And to think that He created all this for us. All this is so beautiful and I am sure it is important to Him. The most beautiful things and most important to him are us, we are the only things that He wants back in His presence.
Love Elder Hyde

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Lord blesses us when we work hard February 1 2010

This week was really good. As a zone we finished this week with 5 baptisms and we finished the month with 9. It ended up being a good month. I was a little nervous and stressed that we were not going to end good and pres was going to kick our butts. But I feel really good how we finished with this week.

In our branch, most of the members took a bus to Lima to go to the temple, we are without a whole lot of members and so the work this week was slow without them. We had to do a lot of contacts for ourselves. It didn’t help that I have had a cough all week. Monday I felt so bad I had a cold. Well I had a fever and my body was weak and I had a headache and stomach ache. We didn’t go out to work I was all day in my bed.

That just gave us more reason to work really hard the other days. We did like 164 contacts or to say we talked with that many people in the whole week. We were so tired by the end of the week knocking doors and talking. We felt like we talked to all of Moyobamba. We did not have a whole lot of success in these contacts and we were a little bummed come Sunday. Then all of the sudden in Sunday school, a man with sunglasses walked in and we sat by him and to our surprise he was not a member but had been assisting in another part far from here. We taught him after the meetings and he said I have decided to be baptize and no one can tell me no. So in this week I have seen the blessing of working diligently. The lord blesses us in the times that we least expect it. This man has 36 years and he is a very humble man, he was in a war against Ecuador and he got hit in the side of the head with a bullet, he has a small whole there, it had cut a vein and shut his eyelid so he cant move it.

We really had a great week, we worked hard and feel really good about what we did. We just are hoping that pres is also happy with the work. We have had some experience this week that we will never forget. Like Saturday as we were doing contacts we found a Jehovah Witness. We taught him a little and then he asked us to pull out our bibles. And justly I had taken out my bible to be able to carry more copies of the book of Mormon. And my companion also, so we were without our bibles and he burned us a new one. I laughed my head off afterwards, because my comp felt dumb, but I was like who cares the Jehovah witness doesn’t have power like me to burn.

We also found in the street one guy that we had contacted before, but in this opportunity we found him drinking with some friends. He stopped us, and invited us to a pop, but we said no we are going to the house, so he bought the pop and sent us home with it. It was a little strange, but we left with a free coke. But then a chick that was a little drunk came over and tried to invite us to drink with them, my comp called her a *not nice name*as we were walking away. I also in that moment started to laugh my head off. We had a great week…. We are planning on having another great week this week. I will give giving training this week for interviews. I hope I do well and hope that I can help the other missionaries. I also hope that you all have a great week and that all goes great. Love you all so very much


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ups and Downs of the week January 25 2010

Well we had a really interesting week this week.

Sunday we had a sister come to us and she told us that her grandson had 9 years and he wanted to get baptized. So we spent every day this week teaching him so he could get baptized before they go to Lima tomorrow. So we taught him everything and we went to have his interview and the elder that did the interview found out that he only had 8 They had been lying to us. Well I don’t know if it was a lie. Here they have a bad habit, they also say the age that they are going to have. Like I am 21 because this year I am turning that age. It kinda ticked me off. But that’s life. He still got baptized but it just won’t count for the mission, just for the branch.

We did have another baptism. Teofilo, he only has one leg. He lost his other due to diabetes. It was a little hard to get him baptized but we did it and you could feel a wonderful spirit. My comp was in the water and he helped me dunk him. It took 3 times but he was very happy. The other day he said something really funny. He said I have been baptized but I can never be to clean. It was so funny. He has 80 years. He is a great guy.

One of the sisters in the ward was really sick this week. She has a disease that is called Gilbert syndrome. Hey if you want to do a search for me and tell me what it does and what it is exactly I would like to know. I was really worried this week. A little bit stressed out. First for the family and then for the baptisms and after that for the confirmations. Wow but after all is said and done what a relief. I have a little bit of a fever and cough right now but I hope to get over it soon.

Well it was a great week full of its ups and downs.
Have a great week and I love yalll and hope everything is great.
Love your son. And brother and uncle. Elder Hyde

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Trip to Lima, Saying Goodbye, and New Companion Elder Moreira January 18 2010

Well this week was alright. My comp said goodbye to the family Cubas and they all cried. We then did some other things and got my comp ready to go.

Tuesday we got everyone to come here to Moyobamba from our zone and we had a sleepover because we wanted to leave early in the morning. And well you probably know that we didn’t go to sleep very fast we played Uno and also some other card game. It was a really good last night with the entire zone.

Monday I had a little time so we went to a store here and looked at the cameras because I wouldn’t have time in lima to do it. I bought a Panasonic Lumix. When I got home and looked at my old one it is the same kind. But that is alright, because my old one is a good camera, just that it didn’t have sound and that it killed the batteries and that it was huge. The new one is the opposite of those things. I was very happy with the purchase. It was 480 soles. Like 170 dollars. It is a little bit better quality then the other. 10 mega pixels and 4x zoom.

Wednesday we traveled early in the morning to go to Tarapoto and the airport. I had time to kill in Tarapoto so I hooked up with elder Sweet and we played basketball for a little. It is so hot there just standing on the concrete with your shoes and everything you could feel the burn.

We flew out of there at like 8 and got to Lima at like 11. It was a long, long, mas o menor horrible flight. I was so tired but I can’t sleep on the airplanes.

Thursday we had a great reunion and got all the packages packed in my suitcase and left to the airport. We flew home and got to Tarapoto at 10 at night and I was tired of traveling so we decided to stay in Tarapoto the night.

We then left Friday at like 8 in the morning and got home at 10. it was also a long trip and I felt really sick afterwards. My comp and I went to lunch and the sister said that we were really pale.

We have two people that we are getting ready to baptize a kid of 9 years and also a man of 80 years. He has lost a leg to diabetes but has a really good attitude and has great faith in the Lord. He is excited. We are also trying to excite his granddaughter too.

My new companion is elder Moreira he is from Ecuador. I am still trying to get to know him these last few days we have been working really hard and have been so tired that we haven’t really talked, we get home plan for the next day and get ready for bed and we are out. But my goal this next week is to get to know him and know more about his family.This week we have a lot of good things planed. I hope that we will be able to accomplish all of our goals.

President said that if we are not baptizing we are not happy, and if we are not happy we are sad and if we are sad it is because we are not baptizing. In a way it is true and it is the way that we feel that we are working. Even sometimes that we don’t baptize we are happy just knowing that we did what we could for the week.

We have four new missionaries in the zone. We have planned today just to play in the chapel a little and get to know everyone a little better. Then next week when we have a little bit more time to plan we will go sight seeing.

Well my time has come to an end. love you all so very much and pray that all goes well in this week.

love your son, y brother elder hyde

Letter to Our Family From Elder Garnica January 11 2010

Here is something my comp wants to say.

Good day Hyde fam.
It is a pleasure to write you. In this opportunity I want to express my feelings of thanks to be in such a great work. In these 22 and a half months of the mission I have had the chance to be a companion of your son, in 2 different opportunities. This has been a great blessing for me. Elder Hyde is a good friend and great missionary and a little fat too, but it has been really cool to be with him.
Thank you for helping him go on a mission. for me it has been a blessing to be able to live great moments together. I know that the lord calls us to serve in the time and place that he needs us.
Lots of greetings,
Elder Garnica
bolivia tarija.

translated in english by elder hyde :)

Monday, January 11, 2010

Changes and Trip to Lima January 11 2010

Hey my family what is up? We had an alright week. We did a searching game on Monday and it was fun we ran all thru moyo to find different things.

Tuesday we had a good reunion as a zone, we all shared our stories of our conversions or the time that we found out for ourselves that the church is true. It was a very spiritual meeting.

Wed we had a work visit and I was with elder Alcantara. It was a great change we set a date with a brother that only has one leg and he is 80 years old. We thought we would have a hard time getting him to church but he was very excited to assist.

It was really good yesterday in church, a lot of people came to the church. We spent a lot of time this week working really hard it is our last week to set dates for this month.

Today we found out the changes, I will be here still for this next change. I will be with elder Moreira he is from Ecuador. My comp, elder Garnica will be going to Lima to train, he has always wanted to have a kid. So his wish has come true.

I will be flying to Lima Wednesday at night. I won’t have a lot of time to buy a camera so I will probably be buying here in moyo. I found a pretty good store that will have a good quality camera. I will be very careful looking here and will make sure that I get a good one. So half of my district will be changing and all from here have gone up a step or to say they changed from jr. to sr. or sr. to d/l. It is something really good. We are going to have a great change. We are going to change this area of moyo. We are going to do some great things here and we are going to baptize the helk out of these people.

I sent you pictures on wed. I hope that they get to you soon. I love you all and hope that all goes well You all are always in my elder Hyde

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year Jan 4 2010

Well we had a very interesting week. We first had our P day. We played in the church. We played with water and got sun burned. We played bobbing for apples and I won. I was the fastest one. We then went and spent a little time with the family Cubas and played Uno with them. They are an awesome family. As you will see we have spent a lot of time with them. Trying to get them excited about the mission work. We had a pretty spiritually draining week. A lot of fiestas and not a whole lot of work. We found other things to do though that were pretty productive. We did a poster to measure the references that we receive from our members. This is what we did when we didn’t have visits to do. I think it will give the members some excitement to see what they are doing and to put a little competition in the reference.

This week I decided I needed a new feeling that these things that I am teaching are true so I asked in a simple prayer and received my answer. Yesterday night, we were teaching a sister about prayer and about how it was important to receive an answer about Joseph Smith. I gave my testimony and the spirit was very strong. I felt it, my companion felt it and I know that she felt it. She was a Little dumbfounded (I think that is the word)

We also did some practices with the family Cubas to help them get to know their neighbors and also so they could get comfortable sharing the gospel. It was so Coooool. There I also felt a strong conviction of the gospel. Really I can say that prayer are answered and not in the way we think. But in the way that the Lord wants. So I still have the hopes that the Lord will answer our prayers and help us find the investigators that we need and well it wont be how we want but I still have the hope that we will have the success that we need.

Saturdays we spent a little time with the Cubas family and played a game searching scriptures. It was fun and entertaining. We also had an activity that we had giant pictures of Shrek and the Incredibles and cut out the faces and took the pictures of the families that passed by the chapel. It was also really hot that day and we got burned a little bit. But it was also fun. The people here are a little scared to do weird things though we going to think of a way we can do it better. We are going to print the pictures and give them to the families free and that is the way we are planning to have new investigators.
We are planning a great week this week and I will have a lot to count to you to you next week.
Hey I love you all very much and pray that all is well there.
Love you,
Elder Hyde

Monday, January 4, 2010

Letter to Elder Hyde's Converts in Pucallpa Dec 2009