Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Last Change...... to Independcia May 17 2010

Hey family whats up? Here it is a little cold. Changes are in and I will be leaving to go to Independencia. with an elder Cardenas. I have not been there before. Elder Ridge goes to Tahuantusuyo and Elder Morton to Ventanilla. They are all close to each other.

So this week was good. We ended with one baptism and a confirmation. We were a little stressed out about her and the things we had to do, interview and some things like that. I also had like 6 other interviews to do for the other missionaries. It was a great week.

I was able to catch up on my journal that I didn't write in for like a month. We also left with a few members to visit some members less active and also investigators. Monday we had p day libre we played a little bit of soccer and then ate lunch with branch president and watched a movie with his family.

Tuesday we had a meeting and then got to work we had a great day with Fabian who walked with us to teach and do some contacts, he likes to talk to every one.

Wednesday we had a great day walking and teaching the good news to everyone. Preparing the people for their baptisms.

Thursday we had to do all the interviews.

Friday we had to go to the dispedida or the farewell testimony meeting. It was pretty good. I guess the next time we go to this meeting we will be the ones giving testimonies. That got me thinking a little about how much time has really passed by and how fast it has gone. With that meditation it got me a thinking that this last change I have to work hard so I don't regret anything. It will be hard I think going to a new area, new missionaries and new members starting all over. Also leaving all the members that are so cool here in Collique. Well all is alright with that.

Saturday we had the baptism, joined with the other 2 missionaries, they had 3 baptisms. It was a great service.

Sunday was good they asked us to speak in the branch and I spoke again on the atonement. I tried to tell the joke of Jesus and Satan doing the competition on the computers. It was alright but I didn't think they got it, or it doesn't work to great in Spanish. I had to explain a little and then they got it.

Well I hope you have a great week and we will talk next week.
Love you all
Love elder hyde

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