Monday, May 24, 2010

New Area, New Companion, Feeling Earthquakes May 24 2010

I have actually felt a few earthquakes in the last few weeks. They are pretty small, most of them happened at 2 or 3 of the morning. Yesterday we felt one at like 5:45 in the night. They were small though. It is getting a little cold here but for me it is normal, my comp is always telling me to put on my sweater. I never do because I am not cold.

Today we are going to play soccer and clean the house because we have interviews tomorrow. We get to visit with President Perez. We actually had stake conference yesterday and president talked. He gave all of us hugs, and in his talk he and his wife sounded a little trunky. : )

Well a little about my area and my new comp. I am in Independencia, it is the zone of the offices. It is a really good zone, we are 8 missionaries and a couple, or what do you call them missionary marriage or something like that, husband and wife, the Earls. They are from Utah and they don’t speak to much Spanish but it is really good for not going to the MTC and CCM for mucho tiempo.

My comp is Elder Cardenas, he is from Arequipa. he has 2 months in the mission. He is from the group of my son, tranamil. he is really cool. We are working hard we had two baptism this weekend, they are good youth. We then took out 4 other dates Saturday and Sunday. They are for the 5th of June. ooooohhhhh speaking of June you don’t have to pay for this next month. ya you're debt free. : )

I gotta go, hope you have a great week and that all goes great with graduation. Tell Alden Congrats for me and give him a big hug.

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