Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Another Great Week in Collique May 10 2010

Well all here is just dandy. Here to we are waking up to cold, but it is now getting a little bit warmer. thruout the day it is hot. but I dont think we are expecting any snow, maybe a little mist of water. I hope I did not confuse you too much yesterday in the phone call. (He speaks Spanish better than English) We had a great week, first we started with p day that we ate tacos from Guatemala, and we watched a movie, I don’t remember what it is called but it was about a team of rugby in Africa. It was pretty good. So I hope you have been making a list of the good movies that have come out, so I can spend all my time watching them. :)

Tuesday we had a visit from Elder Gavarret. It was really good, he got us excited to keep on working and not get to uptight about numbers. The only thing is that that meeting was about a five hour meeting. We had no time to go to our appointments so we called them to say sorry and set another appointment.

All week we had been helping Sister Jessica Acosta get ready for her baptism. She is really cool; she was invited by one of her friends and one day showed up alone to the church. We sent up an appointment and we challenged her right of the bat and she accepted. She was really excited and it was really amazing the testimony that she shared after her baptism, as we listened she said the words “yo sé” or in English “I know”. Those two simple words hit me a lot. I think everyone in the room felt that great spirit that I felt. That helps me a lot to hear those two words. Because if we would not have taught her and challenged her to do the things we challenged her to do she would have never been able to feel the great love that God has for every one of us.

Friday we had a service project that we moved a bunch of earth and then Saturday we had another that we were trying to build a house or reconstruct it. We then got ready for the baptism and all went great.

Sunday in the church bishop called us up to the stand to help with the confirmation and in that moment he told me that I would have to do it. I was a little surprised and nervous because it has been a whole year since I have done it and I wasn’t sure what to say. I said a small little prayer in my heart and gave it a go. It went really good. I asked my comp if I sounded nervous in my speech. He said no, but it sounded in my head that it came out nervous.

Then after the sacrament the bishop called us again to give talks. Well my comp was assigned a topic the last week but bishop didn’t ask me he had two other speakers lined up. But when they don’t show up, I was the backup, who else but the missionaries.

We had a little work to do Sunday before we were able to call. My comp called first and I slept, then I called and my comp slept. Then we finished and got back to work until 9 and we ate and did some reports. Well that was basically our week here in Collique.
Well love you all a tons. Until later. LOVE ELDER HYDE

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