Monday, May 25, 2009

11 Months today! May 25, 2009

I am so glad that you are doing well and I am praying that it continues that way. It sounds like everyone had a good week full of things to do.

We also had a great long week fulllll of things to do. I got a little stressed out this week because of it. We had two baptisms that went great but one did not show up to his baptism, but I didn’t have much faith in him, he was an investigator that the sisters here had been teaching and they had set a date for his baptism and interviews. The first two interviews he didn’t show up. But the third he did. And he passed and he said he wanted his baptism at two. So we went to pick him up at 2 but nobody was home. He just wanted to be in the presence of the sisters. I was a Little stressed this weekend, but I am better now. One of the baptisms we had didn’t show up to church to get confirmed so we will do it next week.

Well about the goal, we had enough baptism dates to get the goal but we couldn’t lose 1 date. But some of the companionships lost dates this week. So I don’t know. Nothing is impossible for God, only if we have faith in Christ.


I have not heard anything from Set just from my comp, when I went to Lima I talked to elder Garnica about him and the other investigators that we had.

Well I am a little jealous of the central air. It is really really hot here and that would be really nice right now. So I hope you enjoy that.

Alden is ended his junior year this week. Wooooow time flew so fast when I first got here to Peru he was starting school.

Today We are going to watch a movie, I think we are watching “What a Beautiful Life."

Last week I bought a hammock and have been sleeping in it all week. Then I got a cheap one from a family and I will be sending it home in my package today. I am finally going to send a package. Sorry it took so long.

I was thinking of some of the things you could send me and I got a little trunky. I was thinking of a nice glass of milk. But real United States milk and some real American beef. But I know that you can’t send those things but I was thinking a box of cake mix with some Betty Crocker frosting. That would be awesome.

Well I love you all so much and can't wait for pictures of my baby sobrina (Brielle is Britney’s baby. It is odd to think that she will be walking when Derek will see her in person.)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Teaching in Street Clothes May 18, 2009

Hey how is everyone doing, I am doing really good, we had an ok week this week, it was a little slow but it was good. Monday we went to a zoo again and played volley and soccer. It was fun.

We then had normal days Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday we had interviews with president. They were really good and short. He said, like you said, that he has seen a lot of changes in me and my person.

Well it was a weird day Saturday. President Perez called Friday and said that we couldn’t go work in shirt and tie. So Saturday we worked and taught in p day clothes. It was really a weird feeling teaching in street clothes. He heard that there were going to be riots or something that might have been dangerous. We were obedient and did as we were told.

Sunday in the morning it rained really really hard and like nobody showed up for church. This was ok because it was our turn to give talks and it wasn’t nerve-racking because nobody was there. Well we had few investigators to so that was the bad part.

We are teaching a really good family, a mom and daughter and son. They are so awesome they really were prepared for this time, she was the contact that I told you about. She is really excited to learn and for her baptism. She has a date set for this 30th. She really knows a lot about the bible and asked a lot of really good questions. Like yesterday we taught the word of wisdom and she asked about the meat and animals and even blood. She is awesome I am so excited for her, and her family.

Today it is going to be perfect weather it is a little hot, but it is cloudy and might rain a little.Today we are going to play water balloon volleyball and then watch a movie.It will be a good day.

I love you so much and hope everything goes good today and this week. cuidense mucho and take care,
Elder Hyde

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Visa, Our recent Converts May 11, 2009

I finally got my visa on Wednesday. This is how my flight to Lima went.
Monday I found out I had to go to Lima to get some paperwork done so I could be a legal citizen here. So Tuesday in the night I was in the plane. Wednesday in the morning I was sitting in an office building waiting and waiting and waiting and more waiting. Then we went and sat and waited in a chapel and then went to the airport and waited some more. So we did a lot of waiting today. I wasn’t able to sleep on either one of the airplane rides, I couldn’t sleep Tuesday night, they told us to sleep on the couch in the offices which was really uncomfortable. but now I am back in my area happy as could be. : )

This week was awesome. Number one we got to talk to you all and then we had the 6 baptisms.After we talked Sunday night we went and ate dinner at a converts house. There was one of their daughters that did not want to accept a date. she was hard like a rock and was not going to break. se have been working with her a lot, and finally yesterday I got her to accept a date, other than in November like she wanted.

A little information about our converts.

Maria. She also was hard like a rock when I came here, and didn’t want to accept a date even though her husband Alfredo was baptized. We had basically dropped her and we left the book of Mormon for her to read, and finally she accepted. I was so shocked and happy.

Jenny. The mother of the kids we baptized my first week here, also was hard when I got here didn’t want to accept, but we worked really hard with her and now we are trying to get her husband.

Melisa. The cousin of a returned sister missionary. The sister helped us a lot with this one. She is a really good young women.

Sheyla. Didn’t want to accept, but I told her to pray and really ask god if she should get baptized. The lord answered : )

Diana a young girl whose parent are members.

Erick. A young man who has been investigating the church for 4 years and finally got baptized. He finally got permission from his parentsIt was a great week for us. It was a great experience for me to help these guys realize the importance of baptism.
I love you all, Elder Hyde

Mother's Day Letter May 10, 2009

A Member of our Bishopric asked all of the missionaries in our ward to write a letter to their mothers. During the meeting on Sunday our letters were read. This came as a huge surprise to all of us. Bless this man for the wonderful gift he gave to me on Mother's Day. Here is the letter that Elder Hyde wrote.

Thoughts about my Mother

When I think about my mother I remember all the things that she has done for me and all the thing that she has taught me in life. Not only the things I need to know here in the world but also the spiritual things. I love to think of the stripling warriors and the things that their mothers taught them. They taught them the way that they should live and the way to put their trust in the Lord in all things. The stripling warriors were 100 percent obedient to their mothers and they were protected from the world. I know that when I apply the things that my mother has taught me, that I too am protected from the world, and am more happy.

I have seen my mother throughout the years use a lot of different attributes that with time have rubbed off on me. Now that I am here in the mission I have been able to use some of these attributes that I have learned from my mom. First is Patience. These last few years I have seen my mom endure many different challenges. She has always endured them with patience. He in the mission, it is necessary to have patience. Patience is needed to help people overcome weaknesses and challenges, and also sometime with your companion.

Also the attributes of charity and love I have learned from my mother. In my life I have felt the love and have seen the love that my mother has for others and for me. It is key to be able to love the people here to help them feel my love and the love of our Heavenly Father. I remember a little book that my mother had that she would read to us. I don't remember the name of the book, but I remember the story and I really like on of the phrases in this book. It says,"I'll love you forever, I'll love you for always, where ever we are, my mother you'll be." Right now I know I am really far away from my mother but I can still feel her love and I hope that she also can feel of my love for her.

I know that my mother was hand chosen for me and that all our mothers were chosen to be our mothers for a very important reason. I will be eternally grateful to my mother for everything that she has taught to me and the things she has done for me. She really is an angel sent from heaven. I know that all mothers are angels. May God bless each one.
Love, Elder Hyde
PS I hope she isn't crying.

Derek knows that it doesn't take much for me to cry. The tears started when Brother Combe said that he had asked the missionaries for letters.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Staying in Iquitos, Baptisms, Getting my Calling Cards. May 4, 2009

Hey, things here are going great. This week we baptized a kid whose parents are members. The month of May is really special. First we get to talk to our favorite moms and families. We also have been challenged to have 505 baptisms as a mission. That means that every companionship will need five baptisms. We have set a goal for seven this month. Right now we are preparing ten people that have baptism dates and are really animado. We have a few others that still have not accepted but soon will. This week we hope to end with six baptisms, that is how many we have planned. Here in Iquitos I have really felt the blessings of the Lord and all of His love. He has been blessing us like crazy. I am happy that I am staying here this next change. I will be staying with my companion too.

This has been my week:

Monday for p day we watched Madagascar 2 as a zone, it was really good I enjoyed it and then we slept all afternoon. We went back to work and had a lesson with one young lady that wants to get baptized but not until November. She wants to do it for her birthday. We are trying to get her to do it this week with her mom and niece. That would be so much cooler.

Martes We had a couple of young people that really want to get baptized but their parents don’t want anything. Some of them are 17 years old but still can’t do anything without permission from their parents. I am trying to think of some ways that they can present that they want to get baptized more than just saying “I want to get baptized.” I want the parents to feel like their kids are doing the right thing.

Wednesday we taught nine lessons. They were all really short, because we are trying to find new people. We found some that are no pasa nada. They aren’t that great and won’t progress.

We did find one that is really excited to learn more and has already accepted a date to get baptized. It was an awesome contact. Sometimes when we do contacts we think in our minds should I contact them or no. With her I just started talking without thinking, now that I look back on it I know that we were directed by the spirit and that she is one of the Lord’s chosen. We also have been teaching a young man that has problems with drinking. We found him the other day and he said that he wants to change and get baptized and he needs help. He asked us straight up if we could visit him everyday so that he is not tempted to go out with his friends and drink. It was Awesome.

Saturday we had a baptism that was really good. We invited the woman that we contacted and she showed up and is really excited for her baptism. We had a really good week. I hope for a really good week this week.

I will be purchasing my calling cards today.
Love, Elder Hyde