Monday, May 4, 2009

Staying in Iquitos, Baptisms, Getting my Calling Cards. May 4, 2009

Hey, things here are going great. This week we baptized a kid whose parents are members. The month of May is really special. First we get to talk to our favorite moms and families. We also have been challenged to have 505 baptisms as a mission. That means that every companionship will need five baptisms. We have set a goal for seven this month. Right now we are preparing ten people that have baptism dates and are really animado. We have a few others that still have not accepted but soon will. This week we hope to end with six baptisms, that is how many we have planned. Here in Iquitos I have really felt the blessings of the Lord and all of His love. He has been blessing us like crazy. I am happy that I am staying here this next change. I will be staying with my companion too.

This has been my week:

Monday for p day we watched Madagascar 2 as a zone, it was really good I enjoyed it and then we slept all afternoon. We went back to work and had a lesson with one young lady that wants to get baptized but not until November. She wants to do it for her birthday. We are trying to get her to do it this week with her mom and niece. That would be so much cooler.

Martes We had a couple of young people that really want to get baptized but their parents don’t want anything. Some of them are 17 years old but still can’t do anything without permission from their parents. I am trying to think of some ways that they can present that they want to get baptized more than just saying “I want to get baptized.” I want the parents to feel like their kids are doing the right thing.

Wednesday we taught nine lessons. They were all really short, because we are trying to find new people. We found some that are no pasa nada. They aren’t that great and won’t progress.

We did find one that is really excited to learn more and has already accepted a date to get baptized. It was an awesome contact. Sometimes when we do contacts we think in our minds should I contact them or no. With her I just started talking without thinking, now that I look back on it I know that we were directed by the spirit and that she is one of the Lord’s chosen. We also have been teaching a young man that has problems with drinking. We found him the other day and he said that he wants to change and get baptized and he needs help. He asked us straight up if we could visit him everyday so that he is not tempted to go out with his friends and drink. It was Awesome.

Saturday we had a baptism that was really good. We invited the woman that we contacted and she showed up and is really excited for her baptism. We had a really good week. I hope for a really good week this week.

I will be purchasing my calling cards today.
Love, Elder Hyde

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