Monday, April 27, 2009

Feeling the Spirit in Spanish April 27, 2009

We do not know how long we will have to talk on Mother’s Day. I will be getting calling cards this week. We have a member in the ward that sells them and it will be easy to get. I still haven’t got the package but I am sure that it will be great when I do.

We finished the week with three baptisms. It went really good and I was able to baptize two of the three. It seems that they always choose the senior companion, it is probably because we talk more and gain their confidence faster. It was a great week. We have a few baptisms planned for this week and then for the next week too.
Changes are this next week and I might get my package. Oh, I have one request to make. In the next package you sent could you send a thing of pepper? I need to add a little flavor to my food (rice). That is one thing that I am missing.

I felt the spirit strongly this week telling me promises that I can give the people. I was able to speak Spanish to them. I felt that the spirit was speaking to them thru me. I know that the Lord is with us doing His work. We are never alone and I know that he is with you all too. He will not leave us if we are obedient and worthy of His company.

I had a trunky dream this week that when I got home the little ones did not recognize me. It was kinda sad. But I know they cannot forget their favorite uncle.

I love you all a lot. I hope that your week goes really good and that all is well.
Love Elder Hyde

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