Monday, April 6, 2009

Mucho Amor De Iquitos April 6, 2009

Well we had an ok week and we ended it with a great conference. I loved it so much. The four sessions I watched in Spanish and the Priesthood I watched in English. I understood a lot more than last time and took some pretty good notes. I think it will be interesting to see how much I understood. I don’t know if I understood or if I wrote what I thought and what the spirit told me. I really loved what President Eyring said on Saturday morning, he talked about enduring our trials. He said the disciples that endure their trials with patience and look at it as an opportunity to learn and grow, are those that have more happiness in their lives. All of it was really good.

Some highlights of the week.

Monday for pday we just played soccer, the 2 zones got together to played. All my buddies were there. We rested all afternoon.

Tuesday we had interviews and mine lasted like 1 minute, maybe less because we had interviews in Pucallpa like two weeks ago.

Wednesday for lunch we ate TURTLE it was actually very delicious. It reminded me of the roast we had on Sundays. I have a photo of me eating the foot or fin, whatever you call it.

Saturday and Sunday, conference that was the bomb.

Today we are going to a park to look at animals and play volleyball.
This next week we have two baptism planned.

Well gotta go I love you all and hope that everything is well
les quiero muchisimo (i want you a lot, is what it means but it is not that strong) that is what I heard a lot when I left Pucallpa and I was a little scared.

LOVE Elder Hyde

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