Thursday, April 29, 2010

No More Joking Around. It is official April 27 2010

It is official. Elder Hyde has travel plans.
He will be arriving in Utah June 30th!

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AIRCRAFT: BOEING 757-200/300

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spiritual Lessons, Funky Phone Call and Earthquake April 26 2010

Well how is all in Utah. Well I hope all is well. Everything here is going great. We had a great week.
Tuesday the temple
Wednesday we had a visit from one of the assistants; he came to our area and walked all day with us. It was a good day we had a few lessons that were very spiritual.

One of the lessons was with a family less active, they are having a few problems as a family and are passing thru a hard time. We had a very good lesson about the plan of salvation and how it can help them if they just will endure to the end. We have had a lot of spiritual experiences this week. I have really felt that the spirit was guiding my words because they were things that I never have taught before or said in the lessons. We are helping some really cool people progress but we have found it a little challenging because almost all are living together.

I heard about your funky phone call in Spanish. It was from brother William who we helped get married the last month. ¿where was Joe? What time do you go to church? The wife of William finally got confirmed yesterday and it was a great happy day for me.

We had to go to the branch and out of the blue they asked us to talk a little about the temple. Well very unprepared I got up and just bore my testimony, it was really cool again I felt the spirit guiding my words.

There was a small earthquake here the other day, just a small one that was at three in the morning. It was an early alarm clock, not to big of a deal. Well I am really enjoying my time here in Peru, and the time that i have to teach the great news to all the great people her in Peru. They are so kind and loving to us even though they are not all members and they don’t really know us they are still loving. Well that is most of the time.
I love you all and am glad to be in the family.
Elder Hyde

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cake and Egg to the Head on My Birthday! April 20 2010

Hey what a great week. It was a good week full of work. We have been working with the members a lot getting to know them and getting help from them.

This Sunday we met a sister named Jessica and she has attended the church, we set a baptism date with her for the 8th of May. She is really excited she has a few friends that she studies with that are members. She accepted a date really fast.

We also have been teaching some really great people that love listening to us but have a hard time making the decision to get baptised.

One of the bishops called us Saturday and told us that we had talks for Sunday. So I spent all of my study time getting a talk prepared so cccoooooooooolllllll. Come Sunday I am so ready to give my talk. Bishop comes up and says happy birthday elder. We have a surprise for you in the meeting. I was thinking well what it could be. So come time to give the talks and the bishop only calls my comp and not me. So I think that was the surprise. But I was so prepared to give a great talk. But there is always next month.

I also had another surprise waiting for me in the night at the pension. Cake and eggs to the head. Well I was not the only one who enjoyed the egg my comp also (by accident) got egged. That was fun, not. The pension is so cool and great. I had a great b-day. The members are so cool and the pres invited us to eat and we talk for a while. He also has a daughter who completed years on the 17th. So we went up and visited them and wished her happy birthday. I have grown so close to that family, they are so great and loving.

Well today I had to have an interview with pres to get my recommend renewed so he showed up early to the temple and we had an interview in the car and he gave me my recommend. I felt so special that pres would do that for me. It was a great day in the temple like always. I just can’t wait to get home to be so close to one that I can go in whichever minute that I want. But that doesn’t mean I am trunky, Just excited to get home, There is a big difference.

Hey have you heard from Jody Taylor? When does Kyle get home? It should be in this month no? hey send hellos to the ward, and all the family. We here are doing really good and we are enjoying the work and doing a lot of good. We hope all there is great. I love you all very much and well we will talk next week.
Love elder Hyde.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Explain the Offer.....................April 12 2010

Hey my family. All is well here in Peru. We have had a great week. We spent the first few days with elder Caceres saying goodbye and then

Wednesday we picked up my son. His name is elder Tranamil. He is from the south part of Chile. He is the only member in his family of 5. He is really excited to be here but still a little nervous to talk to the people and teach. So I am doing a lot of talking, but everyday with more practice he is getting better. We have been working a lot in the highest part of the mountains where the people are really humble and willing to listen. It has been a great week. Right now we don’t have any dates but in the last few days we have received some references that I know we will be able to challenge for baptism.

Our zone leaders are elder Ridge and Quintana. And in my district, is elder Morton. I think we will all die here together, WELL that is unless I decide to take president up on his offer!!!!! Well this week we have basically been doing contacts and trying to find new people.

We have found some people very interested in learning and getting baptized but that have some problems that they have to resolve. One of those things is that they need to get married and the other is that they study too much. Yesterday we talked with a young women really interested but she has to go and study everyday in morning, and she can’t miss any of the days. Along with those there are other problems but not so big, mostly they have doubts that we have to resolve and to the water we go. : )

My comp now is a little bit more serious than my last comp, so walking in the street is a little bit boring but I think my kid is just a little shocked from all the weird things that are here and the weird things that happen here. For example today we are a little late getting to internet because where we usually go, they didn’t have internet. Come to find out that last night some one cut the cables and stole them to sell them and make a little bit of money. It is so weird here, they do anything for money. Well I love you all tons. And hope all goes well this week. Love your son and brother
Elder Hyde. Manda saludos a todos alli.

Sometimes we are able to email each other. This was the conversation today.
I (MOM) responded to Elder Hyde,
“You had better explain the offer!”

Elder Hyde:
“So you know that there are going to be a few changes in the north and well lots of elders are going to be changed and the mission north we are fairly new or in other words almost all the elders here have less than one year. So pres asked me to think about if I could stay a month longer to help the new pres. What are your thoughts mom?”

“As your mom I want you to do what you feel is right. I support you in your decision!
When do you have to tell the Pres. Are other missionaries being asked also?”

Elder Hyde:
“But mom I want to know what you really think????

"Dad has been teasing me that you would be staying.
I have told him that it would not happen
This better not be a joke."

Elder Hyde’s last email:
“Mom mom mom sorry, mom it is all just a joke. : ) love you mom gotta go. love elder Hyde”

Do you think this was all Elder Hyde’s idea? You better talk to his dad.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Conference and Cadbury eggs April 5 2010

Well we have has a really busy week, we have had a lot to do.

Monday we had to clean the house because they changed our plans and Tuesday we had interviews. So we had interviews Tuesday, all went well. Then we worked in the afternoon and had some lessons and we prepared a young woman for her baptism. It was the sister that we got married the last week, this week we got her baptized. The bishop didn’t want to confirm her till the next week.

Thursday we had to do our district meeting to work out a few things. Then Friday we had the farewell testimony meeting. It has been a long week with lots of activities.

Then you know Saturday and Sunday was full of conference. I was able to listen to them all in Spanish. It is a lot easier than the last time I was here in Collique. : ) I was able to enjoy all the session, even though I was a little tired I really enjoyed the session of priesthood. I enjoyed all of them really. I did get your package and it was great. To stay awake I took the Cadbury eggs. They were delicious.

This week is transfers. I just got the news. I will be staying here and I am going to give birth again. (Training a new missionary) My comp will be going to Moyobamba. He is excited. I am excited too to stay here; I think we can still have a lot of success here. I hope my “son” comes with lots of excitement to work. We are going to work really hard, I can’t get trunky.

I love yall and hope all goes well this week.
love, elder Hyde