Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Explain the Offer.....................April 12 2010

Hey my family. All is well here in Peru. We have had a great week. We spent the first few days with elder Caceres saying goodbye and then

Wednesday we picked up my son. His name is elder Tranamil. He is from the south part of Chile. He is the only member in his family of 5. He is really excited to be here but still a little nervous to talk to the people and teach. So I am doing a lot of talking, but everyday with more practice he is getting better. We have been working a lot in the highest part of the mountains where the people are really humble and willing to listen. It has been a great week. Right now we don’t have any dates but in the last few days we have received some references that I know we will be able to challenge for baptism.

Our zone leaders are elder Ridge and Quintana. And in my district, is elder Morton. I think we will all die here together, WELL that is unless I decide to take president up on his offer!!!!! Well this week we have basically been doing contacts and trying to find new people.

We have found some people very interested in learning and getting baptized but that have some problems that they have to resolve. One of those things is that they need to get married and the other is that they study too much. Yesterday we talked with a young women really interested but she has to go and study everyday in morning, and she can’t miss any of the days. Along with those there are other problems but not so big, mostly they have doubts that we have to resolve and to the water we go. : )

My comp now is a little bit more serious than my last comp, so walking in the street is a little bit boring but I think my kid is just a little shocked from all the weird things that are here and the weird things that happen here. For example today we are a little late getting to internet because where we usually go, they didn’t have internet. Come to find out that last night some one cut the cables and stole them to sell them and make a little bit of money. It is so weird here, they do anything for money. Well I love you all tons. And hope all goes well this week. Love your son and brother
Elder Hyde. Manda saludos a todos alli.

Sometimes we are able to email each other. This was the conversation today.
I (MOM) responded to Elder Hyde,
“You had better explain the offer!”

Elder Hyde:
“So you know that there are going to be a few changes in the north and well lots of elders are going to be changed and the mission north we are fairly new or in other words almost all the elders here have less than one year. So pres asked me to think about if I could stay a month longer to help the new pres. What are your thoughts mom?”

“As your mom I want you to do what you feel is right. I support you in your decision!
When do you have to tell the Pres. Are other missionaries being asked also?”

Elder Hyde:
“But mom I want to know what you really think????

"Dad has been teasing me that you would be staying.
I have told him that it would not happen
This better not be a joke."

Elder Hyde’s last email:
“Mom mom mom sorry, mom it is all just a joke. : ) love you mom gotta go. love elder Hyde”

Do you think this was all Elder Hyde’s idea? You better talk to his dad.

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