Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Conference and Cadbury eggs April 5 2010

Well we have has a really busy week, we have had a lot to do.

Monday we had to clean the house because they changed our plans and Tuesday we had interviews. So we had interviews Tuesday, all went well. Then we worked in the afternoon and had some lessons and we prepared a young woman for her baptism. It was the sister that we got married the last week, this week we got her baptized. The bishop didn’t want to confirm her till the next week.

Thursday we had to do our district meeting to work out a few things. Then Friday we had the farewell testimony meeting. It has been a long week with lots of activities.

Then you know Saturday and Sunday was full of conference. I was able to listen to them all in Spanish. It is a lot easier than the last time I was here in Collique. : ) I was able to enjoy all the session, even though I was a little tired I really enjoyed the session of priesthood. I enjoyed all of them really. I did get your package and it was great. To stay awake I took the Cadbury eggs. They were delicious.

This week is transfers. I just got the news. I will be staying here and I am going to give birth again. (Training a new missionary) My comp will be going to Moyobamba. He is excited. I am excited too to stay here; I think we can still have a lot of success here. I hope my “son” comes with lots of excitement to work. We are going to work really hard, I can’t get trunky.

I love yall and hope all goes well this week.
love, elder Hyde

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