Wednesday, March 31, 2010

She Didn't Want in the Water, Then We Couldn't Get Her Out March 29 2010

Well this week went pretty good. A little stressful, but great. We have been working with a couple so they could get married. One moment they were excited and the other they lost that excitement. It was like a roller coaster, up and down. We were also preparing a young man of 23 years for baptism and also a little girl, her mother is a member. With her was where the stress came.

So this is the story, we can only find the mom in the night, like 8:30, 9ish. So we went to find her and talk Thursday about the baptism and she wanted to move it again until the next week. We did all we could to convince her that it would be better this week for conference and all the next week. We got her to stay for Saturday. We got the interview and good. Come Saturday we tried to find her to set the time for the baptism and we finally found her at like 4 and we said six. We then called everyone and told them when it was. Then we ran to get other things done. Come 6 o’clock and we were in the chapel. And lo and behold the brother we sent to fill the font barely was getting it started. So the mom started giving us crap. We didn’t have the clothes either because pres had them. We called pres but he didn’t answer, so we booked it from the church to where we could take a car to go to the house of pres. We found the clothes and booked it again to the church. We changed, took pictures and then we got to the most important part, the baptism. Well I had the privilege to baptize the girl, but she started to enter and she got scared and left the water. After a minute talking to her with her mom we got her excited and got her baptized and we shut the doors and we could not get her to leave the water. A little stressful but all good. : )

Back to the couple, the wedding was Friday and they started taking out papers Thursday. It was a little stressful for us because we have been trying to help them for like 3 weeks. We finally sent them happily to Barranca to get married and they got there and they returned happily married. It was great to be able to help them. The husband is member but the wife is not so she has the goal to get baptized. Well, that is all that comes to my mind about this week. It was a week full of work and good times.

Love you all. Have a great week.
Love elder Hyde

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