Monday, March 8, 2010

Hard Work Equals Blessings March 8 2010

Well we had a really great week. In my district we ended up with 4 baptisms. This week we had a lot of lessons with members because we have one returned missionary that loves to do stuff with us. We had a baptism this week and it was really a spiritual experience and it helped me learn or remember the reason why we are here in this time doing the things we are doing. Really the sister was very happy and it was great to see her after crying, we are now going to be trying to baptize her family. Really that is the reason why I am here is share this great happiness and joy with others.

We also had the energy after to go out and set two more dates. We did divisions and I set a date with a member’s mom and then we got back together and set another date together, with a little girl.

We also had a good experience with a sister we have been teaching. We decided that we would stop for a while teaching her because she has all the lessons and she doesn’t want to accept. The reason we leave them is so they can see the things they are missing, usually it takes a week or so. But with her it took 2 days. We told her Tuesday that we wouldn’t be passing by a whole lot and Friday she told us she is going to get baptized on the 20th of March. That was so awesome.

We are getting a lot of blessings from the lord and hope they will keep coming. We are going to continue working really hard so we can have more success. Wow yesterday it was really hot in our room and I could not sleep. So I am moving today on like 3 hours of sleep. I hope to be able to rest a little.

Here the weather is always warm. There are a few days well almost all the days that in the afternoon it is really hot. We have a new bottle of water that has a filter so now anywhere we go we can ask for water and the members can get it out of the tap or if it is necessary the toilet. I hope there is never that emergency.

Oh yeah a little about what we did last p day. First we came to the internet. Then to the bank to take out our winnings, and then off to the a big mountain that somebody had the great Idea to climb. There we did a little torch and burned all the bad traditions (habits) that we have. It was the Olympics because this months we are trying to break records, in every area we have a record and we have a prize if we are able to break it. So we also watched "Remember the Titans". We finished the day at 6 and went and got to work. I will be trying to get pictures sent some time soon.

Well that was basically the week. So this week we will get more things done.
Love you all a lot and wish the best in this week.
Love elder Hyde

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