Monday, March 15, 2010

More Baptisms, More Blessings, March 15 2010

What a week, we had a great week this week. It was a little bit stressful one of the days though.

Monday we went to a park to play soccer and we ended up playing Foosball tables and air hockey. It was fun even though we spent a little bit of money to play. We then got home exhausted and decided to sleep. We sleep and then got ready for a Family Home Evening with a family recently baptized. They had a little girl of like 3 or 4 years that sat on my lap and fell asleep. It made me a little trunky. It was a fun night.

Tuesday we had a great reunion (Zone Meeting) and then got right to work. We have been working this week mostly with a little branch Villahermosa and we seem to be having a lot of success there. We have been able to get a lot of work done there.

Wednesday we had been trying to find Vicky to see how she was and finally today we found her but extremely busy. So we set another appointment for Thursday. Today was a day that we are trying to find couples that want to get married and that we can help. We are trying to help 3-4 couples that want to get married and the wife’s can get baptized. One of the husbands can be baptized also. We are hoping to get them excited to take out their papers.

Thursday was the day of stress. So we went to Vicky today and she said well I got good news and bad news. Good news she wants to get baptized. Bad news, she is going to move and is leaving Friday. She is not moving to far and will be coming Sundays to church. But we wanted to baptize her before she left. We tried to talk her into calling and saying that she couldn’t come and she would be there Sunday in the night. She didn’t think they would go for that and so my comp said it’s an emergency. We should call the Zone Leader and they will come interview her and we baptize her now and confirm her tonight. So she said I am ready to baptize me now and let’s do it. We had to then run like chickens with our head cut off. We ran to call the ZL and then to find the keys and then to call and cancel our appointments. As DL I had three interviews to do. So we switched a little. My comp with one ZL and I went with the other. We did the interview fast and tried to get back to the chapel before the baptism. I got there right in time to see her go under the water. I missed the picture but we are going to fotoshop me in.

Friday we did service my hands are so weak and girly. I got two blisters on my hands and then decided to put my gloves. We then got to work. We have had a really great week. I think the lord is blessing me and my comp for all the hard work we did. I think I am seeing the fruit of the work in Moyo. We have 8 dates and 7 of them are for this week the 20th. We also had a wedding the 26th of March and maybe will have more baptism the 27th. The lord is very loving and I feel the love and blessing from him.

Saturday we went to work and to set more dates and then we saw the branch president working and we decided to help him dig a trench. We worked in our shirts and ties. And I think we called attention to everyone, they were wondering what are these weirdos doing. But I don’t care, maybe it will be a way we can enter in their homes.

Sunday we were split in three, the three wards that we have all wanted us to speak and we had to tell one of them no. We spoke two times and then did divisions to get a little bit more done. We visited all our fechas and tried to animate or excite them. They are all excited. I am too.

I am really happy with what we were able to do this week and the blessing from the lord I am enjoying too. We are going to work a lot harder this week to help these blessings coming.
I love you all and hope all goes well.
Hey send love to everyone and hugs and kisses to you and all.
until next week love you tons,
love elder Hyde.

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