Monday, March 22, 2010

I Know the Lord is Happy With Our Work March 22 2010

Hey this week was very interesting and a little stressful.

First we had some investigators that got unexcited for their baptism and so we were a little stressed about them and how we could get them excited again. So we spent the whole week with them to see what we could do to help them. We got one excited but the other was a little hesitant. But we assured her that if she would take this great decision that the lord would be very happy with her. But we couldn’t get her to accept. She went to the baptisms that we had and I think she liked the feelings. We just haven’t been able to find her after that.

The other was the sister of President Diaz, our branch pres, she thought it was too fast but we talked with her and really showed her she didn’t need to know much. We focused a lot on the atonement of Jesus and the things that we need to do to pay him back, well not pay him back but to show that we are grateful for the thing that he did. It was a very spiritual lesson. I think we were all edified. Well we finished the week with 5 baptisms. It was a great day.

The mother of president also was baptized with her daughter. And all that was a surprise to the branch president. The mom told us not to tell him and that they wanted him to know when they were dressed in white. So we had to make a plan to get all the things done and how we could do everything without pres knowing. So we did pretty good, pres changed in baptism clothes and we sent the women to change. Pres sat in the room and we surprised him when they walked in the room. He was surprised and really happy. He made the comment like five or six times after that his mom had always been so hard and didn’t want to accept. This week was branch conference and he said it was a great activity (the baptisms) to finish the week.

We had 4 baptisms in the branch. The two others were little kids, hector and Geraldine. It was a good experience the water was cold and hector (I baptized him)when we got in the water his teeth were shivering and I tried to hold his chin shut but it didn’t work and he started cracking up. The little girl was baptized by my comp and she could not stop laughing. It was kind of funny. I really enjoyed my week.

Friday we did service and we basically killed ourselves from 11 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. We were digging a trench so that they can put sewer pipes and water to the houses. It wore me out. I was basically dead Saturday in the morning and was lucky that I could get Hector out of the water.

It was a great week. I really enjoyed myself and I know that the lord is happy with our work. I am too. I love you all and hope all is well and all goes well
Love elder Hyde

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