Monday, June 21, 2010

This Could be Our Last Email From Peru.....June 21 2010

Well today we are on a little weird schedule. We are going to play soccer on an artificial turf. We have to go in the afternoon so that is why we came to internet late. It was a really busy week, it was an alright week but I think the tiredness is starting to set in. Just kidding.

Some things that have happened, I stressed a little about the pictures I had to send to the mission office. The first few emails didn’t work, the other was to big, stuff like that happened then I finally sent my USB with the missionary that is doing the video. I also sent a card to have made. It will be like a business card with my name address and all that good stuff. It will be cool.

I think this is the last email that I will be sending from Peru. Maybe they give us a little time next week but I don’t know. wooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww time has flown by really fast, I don’t know how to feel right now. I feel like I have done a great work, but it is a little weird to think that the next week I will be in my house and I wont be able to preach the gospel. woooooooowwww it hurts a little. I have been able to do have a lot of special experiences here in Peru and I hope they stay fresh in my mind for a long time.

Well love y’all a ton and hope that this week is full of blessings.....
love, elder Hyde.
hasta luego maybe next week.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Working for a Beautiful Wife...........June 14 2010

Our plans for today are to play a little soccer and I have to go to the offices to do a few things. I need to give them my pictures for the slide show. Wow, I still don’t feel like I should be dying.

Well it was a great week, we had three baptisms. Kelly was not one of them. We have not been able to find her. I think her family is telling her some things and she is losing excitement. We are still praying for her but we will see if it is her time or not. We are really excited to help bur but Satan has a great hold on some people, (I am not saying her but her family and boyfriend).

We did have a lot of great experiences this week though. We had a talent show that went great. We, all the missionaries, acted. We had fun.

We also have been teaching a single mother and her daughter that had a lot of problems before we started teaching them. We started teaching them and we have seen a drastic change in them. Especially in the daughter, at first when we started to talk about the gospel she did not want to listen. But when we started to teach her mom she saw the change in her attitude and she started listening. We can feel a greater love between them and a nice spirit in their house. They have been progressing a lot but the mom says she needs more time to change some things.

This week we are going to be working twice as hard because I am not trunky. These last few weeks are the weeks I have to win a more beautiful wife.

Well, the time has come that I have to say goodbye, I hope that this week goes great and that we can all see the blessings of the Lord in our lives. This is something that has helped me not to be too trunky.


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Short Letter, Teaching Kelly June 6 2010

All is well here, a little bit bad weather wise. but it's all good.

This story is for Aunt Tammy, She speaks Spanish and can interrupt what Derek writes.

Elder Hyde dice hola a tia Tammy. como esta tia. esta semana fue excelente.
I do have a story, these last few weeks we have been working with Kelly, sister of 27 years and she wants to get baptized but her family influences her decision a lot. She accepted a date and then called us and told us no.v We have been trying to excite her but she always said mas adelante(translate Tammy please) She has felt the spirit strongly but just is afraid of her family. So we decided to sing songs, bring the spirit, teach and challenge her again. She was still a little hesitant and we had to ask her directly what her fears or doubts were. We then were able to solve them and she was really excited and accepted a date. She came to church and is really excited for this Saturday, her baptism.

Sorry for the short letter, I wrote to Alden and to Grandma Baker.
Love you tons,
Elder Hyde

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Alden's Graduation and Grandpa's funeral May 31 2010

We don’t have a lot planned for today, earlier we went to the bank to take out money for he last time. Wow, it still hasn’t hit that I am ending my time here. We are then going to do something but have not planned out what we will do.

Give my congratulations to Alden for getting a white tassel. I hope you had a great graduation. Sounds like you had a great party, and a great lunch, thanks for making me hungry.

Well I have to tell you it sucks to hear about grandpa. (sorry for the word) I think you made the right choice to tell me in writing. The news hit hard at first but thanks to all the things I have been able to learn and teach here in the mission I know that he is in a much better place where he is now resting from all his troubles and worries. I understand the big picture or the great plan that God has given to us to know that he is a lot better off now. He is a lot happier now. I have always liked Alma 40:12, Grandpa is now in that place that one day we all will want to go. Send lots of love to Grandma from me please. Tell her that she is in my prayers.

Graduation and funeral is over so what could be the next event that you are looking forward to? You got me stumped there.

Well all here is just great,
Love you all a ton,
Elder Hyde