Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Short Letter, Teaching Kelly June 6 2010

All is well here, a little bit bad weather wise. but it's all good.

This story is for Aunt Tammy, She speaks Spanish and can interrupt what Derek writes.

Elder Hyde dice hola a tia Tammy. como esta tia. esta semana fue excelente.
I do have a story, these last few weeks we have been working with Kelly, sister of 27 years and she wants to get baptized but her family influences her decision a lot. She accepted a date and then called us and told us no.v We have been trying to excite her but she always said mas adelante(translate Tammy please) She has felt the spirit strongly but just is afraid of her family. So we decided to sing songs, bring the spirit, teach and challenge her again. She was still a little hesitant and we had to ask her directly what her fears or doubts were. We then were able to solve them and she was really excited and accepted a date. She came to church and is really excited for this Saturday, her baptism.

Sorry for the short letter, I wrote to Alden and to Grandma Baker.
Love you tons,
Elder Hyde

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