Wednesday, March 31, 2010

She Didn't Want in the Water, Then We Couldn't Get Her Out March 29 2010

Well this week went pretty good. A little stressful, but great. We have been working with a couple so they could get married. One moment they were excited and the other they lost that excitement. It was like a roller coaster, up and down. We were also preparing a young man of 23 years for baptism and also a little girl, her mother is a member. With her was where the stress came.

So this is the story, we can only find the mom in the night, like 8:30, 9ish. So we went to find her and talk Thursday about the baptism and she wanted to move it again until the next week. We did all we could to convince her that it would be better this week for conference and all the next week. We got her to stay for Saturday. We got the interview and good. Come Saturday we tried to find her to set the time for the baptism and we finally found her at like 4 and we said six. We then called everyone and told them when it was. Then we ran to get other things done. Come 6 o’clock and we were in the chapel. And lo and behold the brother we sent to fill the font barely was getting it started. So the mom started giving us crap. We didn’t have the clothes either because pres had them. We called pres but he didn’t answer, so we booked it from the church to where we could take a car to go to the house of pres. We found the clothes and booked it again to the church. We changed, took pictures and then we got to the most important part, the baptism. Well I had the privilege to baptize the girl, but she started to enter and she got scared and left the water. After a minute talking to her with her mom we got her excited and got her baptized and we shut the doors and we could not get her to leave the water. A little stressful but all good. : )

Back to the couple, the wedding was Friday and they started taking out papers Thursday. It was a little stressful for us because we have been trying to help them for like 3 weeks. We finally sent them happily to Barranca to get married and they got there and they returned happily married. It was great to be able to help them. The husband is member but the wife is not so she has the goal to get baptized. Well, that is all that comes to my mind about this week. It was a week full of work and good times.

Love you all. Have a great week.
Love elder Hyde

Monday, March 22, 2010

I Know the Lord is Happy With Our Work March 22 2010

Hey this week was very interesting and a little stressful.

First we had some investigators that got unexcited for their baptism and so we were a little stressed about them and how we could get them excited again. So we spent the whole week with them to see what we could do to help them. We got one excited but the other was a little hesitant. But we assured her that if she would take this great decision that the lord would be very happy with her. But we couldn’t get her to accept. She went to the baptisms that we had and I think she liked the feelings. We just haven’t been able to find her after that.

The other was the sister of President Diaz, our branch pres, she thought it was too fast but we talked with her and really showed her she didn’t need to know much. We focused a lot on the atonement of Jesus and the things that we need to do to pay him back, well not pay him back but to show that we are grateful for the thing that he did. It was a very spiritual lesson. I think we were all edified. Well we finished the week with 5 baptisms. It was a great day.

The mother of president also was baptized with her daughter. And all that was a surprise to the branch president. The mom told us not to tell him and that they wanted him to know when they were dressed in white. So we had to make a plan to get all the things done and how we could do everything without pres knowing. So we did pretty good, pres changed in baptism clothes and we sent the women to change. Pres sat in the room and we surprised him when they walked in the room. He was surprised and really happy. He made the comment like five or six times after that his mom had always been so hard and didn’t want to accept. This week was branch conference and he said it was a great activity (the baptisms) to finish the week.

We had 4 baptisms in the branch. The two others were little kids, hector and Geraldine. It was a good experience the water was cold and hector (I baptized him)when we got in the water his teeth were shivering and I tried to hold his chin shut but it didn’t work and he started cracking up. The little girl was baptized by my comp and she could not stop laughing. It was kind of funny. I really enjoyed my week.

Friday we did service and we basically killed ourselves from 11 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon. We were digging a trench so that they can put sewer pipes and water to the houses. It wore me out. I was basically dead Saturday in the morning and was lucky that I could get Hector out of the water.

It was a great week. I really enjoyed myself and I know that the lord is happy with our work. I am too. I love you all and hope all is well and all goes well
Love elder Hyde

Monday, March 15, 2010

More Baptisms, More Blessings, March 15 2010

What a week, we had a great week this week. It was a little bit stressful one of the days though.

Monday we went to a park to play soccer and we ended up playing Foosball tables and air hockey. It was fun even though we spent a little bit of money to play. We then got home exhausted and decided to sleep. We sleep and then got ready for a Family Home Evening with a family recently baptized. They had a little girl of like 3 or 4 years that sat on my lap and fell asleep. It made me a little trunky. It was a fun night.

Tuesday we had a great reunion (Zone Meeting) and then got right to work. We have been working this week mostly with a little branch Villahermosa and we seem to be having a lot of success there. We have been able to get a lot of work done there.

Wednesday we had been trying to find Vicky to see how she was and finally today we found her but extremely busy. So we set another appointment for Thursday. Today was a day that we are trying to find couples that want to get married and that we can help. We are trying to help 3-4 couples that want to get married and the wife’s can get baptized. One of the husbands can be baptized also. We are hoping to get them excited to take out their papers.

Thursday was the day of stress. So we went to Vicky today and she said well I got good news and bad news. Good news she wants to get baptized. Bad news, she is going to move and is leaving Friday. She is not moving to far and will be coming Sundays to church. But we wanted to baptize her before she left. We tried to talk her into calling and saying that she couldn’t come and she would be there Sunday in the night. She didn’t think they would go for that and so my comp said it’s an emergency. We should call the Zone Leader and they will come interview her and we baptize her now and confirm her tonight. So she said I am ready to baptize me now and let’s do it. We had to then run like chickens with our head cut off. We ran to call the ZL and then to find the keys and then to call and cancel our appointments. As DL I had three interviews to do. So we switched a little. My comp with one ZL and I went with the other. We did the interview fast and tried to get back to the chapel before the baptism. I got there right in time to see her go under the water. I missed the picture but we are going to fotoshop me in.

Friday we did service my hands are so weak and girly. I got two blisters on my hands and then decided to put my gloves. We then got to work. We have had a really great week. I think the lord is blessing me and my comp for all the hard work we did. I think I am seeing the fruit of the work in Moyo. We have 8 dates and 7 of them are for this week the 20th. We also had a wedding the 26th of March and maybe will have more baptism the 27th. The lord is very loving and I feel the love and blessing from him.

Saturday we went to work and to set more dates and then we saw the branch president working and we decided to help him dig a trench. We worked in our shirts and ties. And I think we called attention to everyone, they were wondering what are these weirdos doing. But I don’t care, maybe it will be a way we can enter in their homes.

Sunday we were split in three, the three wards that we have all wanted us to speak and we had to tell one of them no. We spoke two times and then did divisions to get a little bit more done. We visited all our fechas and tried to animate or excite them. They are all excited. I am too.

I am really happy with what we were able to do this week and the blessing from the lord I am enjoying too. We are going to work a lot harder this week to help these blessings coming.
I love you all and hope all goes well.
Hey send love to everyone and hugs and kisses to you and all.
until next week love you tons,
love elder Hyde.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Hard Work Equals Blessings March 8 2010

Well we had a really great week. In my district we ended up with 4 baptisms. This week we had a lot of lessons with members because we have one returned missionary that loves to do stuff with us. We had a baptism this week and it was really a spiritual experience and it helped me learn or remember the reason why we are here in this time doing the things we are doing. Really the sister was very happy and it was great to see her after crying, we are now going to be trying to baptize her family. Really that is the reason why I am here is share this great happiness and joy with others.

We also had the energy after to go out and set two more dates. We did divisions and I set a date with a member’s mom and then we got back together and set another date together, with a little girl.

We also had a good experience with a sister we have been teaching. We decided that we would stop for a while teaching her because she has all the lessons and she doesn’t want to accept. The reason we leave them is so they can see the things they are missing, usually it takes a week or so. But with her it took 2 days. We told her Tuesday that we wouldn’t be passing by a whole lot and Friday she told us she is going to get baptized on the 20th of March. That was so awesome.

We are getting a lot of blessings from the lord and hope they will keep coming. We are going to continue working really hard so we can have more success. Wow yesterday it was really hot in our room and I could not sleep. So I am moving today on like 3 hours of sleep. I hope to be able to rest a little.

Here the weather is always warm. There are a few days well almost all the days that in the afternoon it is really hot. We have a new bottle of water that has a filter so now anywhere we go we can ask for water and the members can get it out of the tap or if it is necessary the toilet. I hope there is never that emergency.

Oh yeah a little about what we did last p day. First we came to the internet. Then to the bank to take out our winnings, and then off to the a big mountain that somebody had the great Idea to climb. There we did a little torch and burned all the bad traditions (habits) that we have. It was the Olympics because this months we are trying to break records, in every area we have a record and we have a prize if we are able to break it. So we also watched "Remember the Titans". We finished the day at 6 and went and got to work. I will be trying to get pictures sent some time soon.

Well that was basically the week. So this week we will get more things done.
Love you all a lot and wish the best in this week.
Love elder Hyde

Monday, March 1, 2010

Back to my Birthplace March 1 2010

Well It has been a great week.

Monday we had the day to work and say goodbye to all the members in Moyobamba. It was a great time. It was the hardest thing not to cry when we left the fam Cubas. I did it though. The hardest thing there is a little kid that when I went to shake his hand, he grabbed my legs and gave me a hug and started to cry. I was shocked and a little sad.

Tuesday we had to pack and get ready to leave. We left Moya at 2 pm and got to Tarapoto at 4:30 pm. It was a long trip. We had an elder that left at 6 pm to go to Iquitos and so we all had to go early to the airport to see him off. We waited there for another 3 hours till our flight left.

Wednesday I met my new companion, we came home and unpacked a little. I washed a few things so I could work in clean clothes. There was no time to send them in Moyo. We then got to work. We have been working hard all week. This is a great move, I am back in my birthplace (this is where I started when I came to Peru) and I am enjoying it. Some people remember me and the memories are all coming back to me. It is good to be able to see some of the people and see their reaction to seeing me back. They can see me speaking a lot more. My companion is Elder Caceres from Guatemala. He is so funny. He has 2 months in the mission. We are getting along great. We joke around and really estamos enjoying this time. We are going to have success in the work of the Lord in this change. I can taste it now. It is going to be great.

Well I don’t have much to say right now. I do have to tell you I had my first bad experience with a dog this week. It came out of nowhere and vanished in a twinkling of an eye. Don’t worry I washed the wound with alcohol and water and all that I had with me.

I got the package with the calendar and candy. Thanks, it is a great calendar.
We did not feel the earthquake. People just talked about it or I would not have know that there was an earthquake.

Love you all lots and hope that this week goes just great.
Love Elder Hyde