Monday, April 26, 2010

Spiritual Lessons, Funky Phone Call and Earthquake April 26 2010

Well how is all in Utah. Well I hope all is well. Everything here is going great. We had a great week.
Tuesday the temple
Wednesday we had a visit from one of the assistants; he came to our area and walked all day with us. It was a good day we had a few lessons that were very spiritual.

One of the lessons was with a family less active, they are having a few problems as a family and are passing thru a hard time. We had a very good lesson about the plan of salvation and how it can help them if they just will endure to the end. We have had a lot of spiritual experiences this week. I have really felt that the spirit was guiding my words because they were things that I never have taught before or said in the lessons. We are helping some really cool people progress but we have found it a little challenging because almost all are living together.

I heard about your funky phone call in Spanish. It was from brother William who we helped get married the last month. ¿where was Joe? What time do you go to church? The wife of William finally got confirmed yesterday and it was a great happy day for me.

We had to go to the branch and out of the blue they asked us to talk a little about the temple. Well very unprepared I got up and just bore my testimony, it was really cool again I felt the spirit guiding my words.

There was a small earthquake here the other day, just a small one that was at three in the morning. It was an early alarm clock, not to big of a deal. Well I am really enjoying my time here in Peru, and the time that i have to teach the great news to all the great people her in Peru. They are so kind and loving to us even though they are not all members and they don’t really know us they are still loving. Well that is most of the time.
I love you all and am glad to be in the family.
Elder Hyde

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