Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cake and Egg to the Head on My Birthday! April 20 2010

Hey what a great week. It was a good week full of work. We have been working with the members a lot getting to know them and getting help from them.

This Sunday we met a sister named Jessica and she has attended the church, we set a baptism date with her for the 8th of May. She is really excited she has a few friends that she studies with that are members. She accepted a date really fast.

We also have been teaching some really great people that love listening to us but have a hard time making the decision to get baptised.

One of the bishops called us Saturday and told us that we had talks for Sunday. So I spent all of my study time getting a talk prepared so cccoooooooooolllllll. Come Sunday I am so ready to give my talk. Bishop comes up and says happy birthday elder. We have a surprise for you in the meeting. I was thinking well what it could be. So come time to give the talks and the bishop only calls my comp and not me. So I think that was the surprise. But I was so prepared to give a great talk. But there is always next month.

I also had another surprise waiting for me in the night at the pension. Cake and eggs to the head. Well I was not the only one who enjoyed the egg my comp also (by accident) got egged. That was fun, not. The pension is so cool and great. I had a great b-day. The members are so cool and the pres invited us to eat and we talk for a while. He also has a daughter who completed years on the 17th. So we went up and visited them and wished her happy birthday. I have grown so close to that family, they are so great and loving.

Well today I had to have an interview with pres to get my recommend renewed so he showed up early to the temple and we had an interview in the car and he gave me my recommend. I felt so special that pres would do that for me. It was a great day in the temple like always. I just can’t wait to get home to be so close to one that I can go in whichever minute that I want. But that doesn’t mean I am trunky, Just excited to get home, There is a big difference.

Hey have you heard from Jody Taylor? When does Kyle get home? It should be in this month no? hey send hellos to the ward, and all the family. We here are doing really good and we are enjoying the work and doing a lot of good. We hope all there is great. I love you all very much and well we will talk next week.
Love elder Hyde.

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