Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Visa, Our recent Converts May 11, 2009

I finally got my visa on Wednesday. This is how my flight to Lima went.
Monday I found out I had to go to Lima to get some paperwork done so I could be a legal citizen here. So Tuesday in the night I was in the plane. Wednesday in the morning I was sitting in an office building waiting and waiting and waiting and more waiting. Then we went and sat and waited in a chapel and then went to the airport and waited some more. So we did a lot of waiting today. I wasn’t able to sleep on either one of the airplane rides, I couldn’t sleep Tuesday night, they told us to sleep on the couch in the offices which was really uncomfortable. but now I am back in my area happy as could be. : )

This week was awesome. Number one we got to talk to you all and then we had the 6 baptisms.After we talked Sunday night we went and ate dinner at a converts house. There was one of their daughters that did not want to accept a date. she was hard like a rock and was not going to break. se have been working with her a lot, and finally yesterday I got her to accept a date, other than in November like she wanted.

A little information about our converts.

Maria. She also was hard like a rock when I came here, and didn’t want to accept a date even though her husband Alfredo was baptized. We had basically dropped her and we left the book of Mormon for her to read, and finally she accepted. I was so shocked and happy.

Jenny. The mother of the kids we baptized my first week here, also was hard when I got here didn’t want to accept, but we worked really hard with her and now we are trying to get her husband.

Melisa. The cousin of a returned sister missionary. The sister helped us a lot with this one. She is a really good young women.

Sheyla. Didn’t want to accept, but I told her to pray and really ask god if she should get baptized. The lord answered : )

Diana a young girl whose parent are members.

Erick. A young man who has been investigating the church for 4 years and finally got baptized. He finally got permission from his parentsIt was a great week for us. It was a great experience for me to help these guys realize the importance of baptism.
I love you all, Elder Hyde

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