Monday, May 18, 2009

Teaching in Street Clothes May 18, 2009

Hey how is everyone doing, I am doing really good, we had an ok week this week, it was a little slow but it was good. Monday we went to a zoo again and played volley and soccer. It was fun.

We then had normal days Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday we had interviews with president. They were really good and short. He said, like you said, that he has seen a lot of changes in me and my person.

Well it was a weird day Saturday. President Perez called Friday and said that we couldn’t go work in shirt and tie. So Saturday we worked and taught in p day clothes. It was really a weird feeling teaching in street clothes. He heard that there were going to be riots or something that might have been dangerous. We were obedient and did as we were told.

Sunday in the morning it rained really really hard and like nobody showed up for church. This was ok because it was our turn to give talks and it wasn’t nerve-racking because nobody was there. Well we had few investigators to so that was the bad part.

We are teaching a really good family, a mom and daughter and son. They are so awesome they really were prepared for this time, she was the contact that I told you about. She is really excited to learn and for her baptism. She has a date set for this 30th. She really knows a lot about the bible and asked a lot of really good questions. Like yesterday we taught the word of wisdom and she asked about the meat and animals and even blood. She is awesome I am so excited for her, and her family.

Today it is going to be perfect weather it is a little hot, but it is cloudy and might rain a little.Today we are going to play water balloon volleyball and then watch a movie.It will be a good day.

I love you so much and hope everything goes good today and this week. cuidense mucho and take care,
Elder Hyde

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