Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ups and Downs of the week January 25 2010

Well we had a really interesting week this week.

Sunday we had a sister come to us and she told us that her grandson had 9 years and he wanted to get baptized. So we spent every day this week teaching him so he could get baptized before they go to Lima tomorrow. So we taught him everything and we went to have his interview and the elder that did the interview found out that he only had 8 They had been lying to us. Well I don’t know if it was a lie. Here they have a bad habit, they also say the age that they are going to have. Like I am 21 because this year I am turning that age. It kinda ticked me off. But that’s life. He still got baptized but it just won’t count for the mission, just for the branch.

We did have another baptism. Teofilo, he only has one leg. He lost his other due to diabetes. It was a little hard to get him baptized but we did it and you could feel a wonderful spirit. My comp was in the water and he helped me dunk him. It took 3 times but he was very happy. The other day he said something really funny. He said I have been baptized but I can never be to clean. It was so funny. He has 80 years. He is a great guy.

One of the sisters in the ward was really sick this week. She has a disease that is called Gilbert syndrome. Hey if you want to do a search for me and tell me what it does and what it is exactly I would like to know. I was really worried this week. A little bit stressed out. First for the family and then for the baptisms and after that for the confirmations. Wow but after all is said and done what a relief. I have a little bit of a fever and cough right now but I hope to get over it soon.

Well it was a great week full of its ups and downs.
Have a great week and I love yalll and hope everything is great.
Love your son. And brother and uncle. Elder Hyde

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