Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Happy New Year Jan 4 2010

Well we had a very interesting week. We first had our P day. We played in the church. We played with water and got sun burned. We played bobbing for apples and I won. I was the fastest one. We then went and spent a little time with the family Cubas and played Uno with them. They are an awesome family. As you will see we have spent a lot of time with them. Trying to get them excited about the mission work. We had a pretty spiritually draining week. A lot of fiestas and not a whole lot of work. We found other things to do though that were pretty productive. We did a poster to measure the references that we receive from our members. This is what we did when we didn’t have visits to do. I think it will give the members some excitement to see what they are doing and to put a little competition in the reference.

This week I decided I needed a new feeling that these things that I am teaching are true so I asked in a simple prayer and received my answer. Yesterday night, we were teaching a sister about prayer and about how it was important to receive an answer about Joseph Smith. I gave my testimony and the spirit was very strong. I felt it, my companion felt it and I know that she felt it. She was a Little dumbfounded (I think that is the word)

We also did some practices with the family Cubas to help them get to know their neighbors and also so they could get comfortable sharing the gospel. It was so Coooool. There I also felt a strong conviction of the gospel. Really I can say that prayer are answered and not in the way we think. But in the way that the Lord wants. So I still have the hopes that the Lord will answer our prayers and help us find the investigators that we need and well it wont be how we want but I still have the hope that we will have the success that we need.

Saturdays we spent a little time with the Cubas family and played a game searching scriptures. It was fun and entertaining. We also had an activity that we had giant pictures of Shrek and the Incredibles and cut out the faces and took the pictures of the families that passed by the chapel. It was also really hot that day and we got burned a little bit. But it was also fun. The people here are a little scared to do weird things though we going to think of a way we can do it better. We are going to print the pictures and give them to the families free and that is the way we are planning to have new investigators.
We are planning a great week this week and I will have a lot to count to you to you next week.
Hey I love you all very much and pray that all is well there.
Love you,
Elder Hyde

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