Monday, February 22, 2010

Leaving Moyobamba, Leaving friends, Gong to Lima February 22 2010

Well here I am in moyo for the last time. Today we found out the changes and I am going back to Lima. i will be going as district leader. Pres wants to leave the mission with lots of elders with experience being leaders, so he is dropping a lot of zone leaders and putting in new ones.

It is going to be hard leaving here, even though we didn’t have many converts and the work was a little hard. The members are so great and we shared so many great moments together.

This change went by really fast. i will be in the zone Santidad. I might be returning to my old area of Collique. because that is where the district leader is at. But maybe it will be another area. I don’t know yet. It will be alright being district leader, a little bit less responsibility.

In this zone leaving will be me, my comp, elder Ruiz, elder Zarate, so that makes four of us. My new comp is elder Caceres. I have not heard of him I am sure he is pretty new.

Well this week went great. We had some members go preaching with us, which was something really good. We also had some really good lessons. We watched a few church movies this week with some families that would like to get baptized, but have some problems with the law of chastity.

We had a great p day. We all went the waterfalls that are here like 45 minutes. They were so beautiful. It let us relax a little too. I was so tempted to jump off one of the cliffs into the water. It looked so refreshing. but as a missionary I cant do that. We have taken lots of pictures and they are all so beautiful. I will be making a cd of the caves and the waterfalls and be sending it in this next week.

Nothing to much exciting happened this week, just hard work and having fun while doing it. We have to do some informes today so it will take away some of our time to work and say goodbye today. We are leaving here tomorrow in the night.
I love you all tons and hope that all goes well in this week. Tell Chloee happy birthday from me. And also Tyson.

love elder Derek Hyde.

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