Monday, November 2, 2009

Some things moms love to hear and others not so much. November 2 2009

This week was really good we had some good experiences.
A while ago I received a letter from Grandma Baker. She told me that her bishop’s son is serving in the Peru South mission. He had an experience where they were going to be attack by several people, they followed the spirit and continued past the people without incident. They felt Heavenly Father’s guiding hand in this experience. The same has happened to me.

This happened last week and I forgot to tell you. Some young man tried to rob us. He said, ¨good night, I have a pistol and so give me all you got¨. I had my camera and my credit card. My companion only had books. We didn’t give him anything because here they don’t hide the guns they pull them out and stick them to your head. He just had his hand in his jacket and he just tried to scare us to see if we were stupid and see if we would give him our stuff. We were led by the spirit that told us he didn’t have anything and that we should ignore him.

This week nothing quite that interesting happened, but that is alright. We had a lot of meetings this week, so we did a lot of traveling. The chapel of the Zone leaders is a 15 minute bus ride. The sisters that are in my district had to move to a different house. They sent me to basically hang out the window and hold on to a dresser and mattress that was on the top of the car. It was kind of fun but also scary because on one of the streets that we drove on the drivers are crazy and come really close to the other cars, so they were really close to my body. It was little scary but fun.

We have 3 dates for this wee, two little girls, de 11 años and Hna Rosa, who has been listening to the missionaries for a lot of time. We finally got all her problems resolved and she is ready for her baptism. We will be working with them to get them really excited this week. We will also be setting more dates so that we can still have good numbers.

Well this was our week, we feel that we are working good and I am so glad I have this chance to be here in the great and marvelous work, I feel really privileged to be here. Well I got to go so I LOVE YOU ALL VERY MUCH.
Until next week,
Elder Hyde

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