Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Teaching but difficult to get commitments October 26 2009

What a week. This week was pretty good. we were able to do a lot of good things.

This week we had ward conference and so we had activities all week. Monday we did a FHE with Rosario, the sister that had a hard time getting baptized, it was really good. We talked a lot about the family.

Tuesday we had a sports night the members invited us to play a little soccer.

Wednesday we had p-day and changes, I slept all morning and I woke up refreshed we went to lunch and then went to a store to get stuff to kill fleas and also to make cookies, holy crap the chocolate chips are expensive. 8 soles for a small bag. 200grams. That is like $2.50.

We also had a lesson with one sister that had a date to get baptized but she is not married and her husband is in jail. She didn’t understand the importance of marriage.

Thursday was really good we had a mission night in the chapel, we invited all the members to come and invite friends, well a lot of members showed but friends no. We watched the movie ¨for small and simple things.¨ It was really good, the members are a little bit more excited to help us.

We are planning to set more dates with a few more investigators this week. We have some really good young people, but the problem is their parents. Even though they are members they won’t let them get baptized. The worst thing is, is that they wont talk to us.

We also have some really good adults that also want to get baptized and have told us, but the problem is that they are not married. The two biggest problems we have, permission from fathers, or they are not married. There is a law here that says that if they are not married they still have the same rights as the couples that are married.
We are teaching a young woman and her mother and they are really cool, but we can’t get them to accept a date. They invite us to eat every time that we go and they say they feel really good when they listen to us, but we need to find a good way to get them to know that, that is their answer. We are going to be working hard this next week to have some people accept a date and also to find new ones too. Well I love YOU ALL AND I hope that all goes GREAT
Elder Hyde

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