Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Lord Guides Us in our Paths October 13 2009

Hey family what’s up.We had a great week.
We just got back from the temple, it was amazing just like it always is!

We have been doing a lot of contacts, or in other words we have been trying to find a whole lot of new people. We are teaching less lessons but we have had really good ones. We have set a few dates too. We have worn ourselves out with all the walking we have done, and yes we are starting to go into summer and it is getting a little hot.

We found a family this week that have a lot of questions and it’s a little hard to teach them, but at least they are pretty good questions. We will be going to teach them tonight. They are going to invite us to eat. Something that we can see here is that if they like the lesson and they feel the spirit, they usually invite us to eat something or something to drink.

Something I had happen to me a lot here is the Lord talks to me while I am talking to the investigators or I find something I need while I am sharing the scriptures with the investigators. For example I was reading to one sister Alma 38:4-5 I would advise you to read it. It helped me a lot. I know it will help you too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!This has happened a lot.

One of the greatest spiritual experiences that I had this week was Sunday. We had a slow day and I was about to give up, we were in the house and everything, I said no we can’t give up just yet. So I knelt down said a quick prayer and asked that we would be guided right to the person that was prepared. We left not knowing where to go, just walking in the street and all of the sudden a person pops in my head. We went and we didn’t have the opportunity to teach, but I asked her if she would get baptized and she said yes. (well it is a daughter of a member less active)but it was still a really good experience and a great answer that I received from a quick simple prayer(and enduring to the end.)

I know that the lord guides us in our paths and that no matter what the problem He is there for us. Just like it says in Alma 38:4-5If we put our confidence in him. He will free us from all our trials. I have been sharing that scripture with everyone and inviting them to put it in practice, I want to make the same invitation to all who read this, that we don’t lose the confidence in God and that we don’t lose the patience in all our trials. :)

I love you all very much and hope that this week goes awesome.
Elder Hyde

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