Monday, November 16, 2009

Well Family everything here is going great. We had a really good week.

We have been working with our dates that we have for this Saturday, we have three. We are so excited, we announced them in sacrament. Wow speaking of sacrament, we had the primary program and it was alright but, wow first we start late. Second it is very disorganized and we didn’t finish the reunion until 12:30 when we should have finished at 11:30.
We have found a really humble family that we have taught two or three times and they are really interested in the message and baptism. We had the chance yesterday to find the father of the family and he said he has been praying for the true church. We hope to help them progress really fast. They need to get married though. So we are going to be praying they can get their papers ready and can get married and baptized.

To answer your questions.
Todavia or still I have not received a package but it is alright because they are coming really slow. One elder just barely received one that his mom sent before conference.

My comp is still Elder Rodriguez or my son. He is from Colombia.

Well my shoes are wearing out but I still think they are good. The worst part is where they are sewed and it is coming undone but we have a guy below us that fixes it really cheap. So that don’t worry about that

Well I don’t need anything but if you would like to send me some chips that would be awesome. Maybe Doritos salsa verde or something that burns. Maybe some fritos chile cheese or the other flavor.

We live in a house of a member. Two other missionaries live on the second floor in a small room and us in another and then the family lives on the third floor. The dog is on the fourth. It is a big house and the pension and the family is really good to us. They are very loving. We live very close to the church like two blocks. But a funny story our pension has a car and he drives two blocks to the church, no wonder he is a little fat.

Yesterday we had a mouse hunt. We finally killed it after about ten minutes of chasing it around the house.
The gringo we have in my zone, Morton, Gomez, Hill, Atkinson, Crum. No mas

Well that is about all the time that I have. I love you all and hope all goes well this week.
Elder Hyde

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