Monday, November 9, 2009

Workin' Hard November 9 2009

Hey my family, we had an excellent week. We ended up with three baptisms. Rosa, Monica and Maria. They were all really good. We had been working with Rosa since I have been here in Comas and even before. She had a few problems that we had to resolve and finally we were able to get her wet. It was a great experience. The other two were little girls from inactive families. They were our golden children.

We also got a reference from the bishop that is really good too. He really is a golden investigator. We first got to know him in the chapel. He lives way up in the hill and we don’t go there very much. So the first week we were not able to visit him and he came to the chapel. The next week he asked us why we didn’t visit him. This week we challenged him and he is really excited to change his life. So he is one that we will be working with this week.

Well today we are going to the center of Lima so we don’t have much time to write.

I love you all so very much…
love Elder Hyde.

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