Monday, November 24, 2008

In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle..........November 24,2008

I am in the jungle and loving every minute of it!! My trip to Pucallpa was good, it was not too long only about an hour. I sat next to a young woman, 17 years old. We talked almost the whole flight. I was surprised that I understood her and was able to talk to her. I got her name, address and even her phone number. So you know father, it is only a reference for other missionaries, nothing more! :) When we got off the plane it was sooooo hot. It was even worse in a suit. I think they said it was only about 89 degrees.

Elder Layton was in the same plane and he is in the same district. He even has the same pensionista.

I loved the package from home. I finished off the M&Ms and popcorn on Wednesday before I left Collique. The popcorn was excellent. I loved it. One reason we had a microwave in that area is because we didn’t have a pension. We cooked our own food. We also had a rice cooker. Towards the end of the change we found a pension and they cooked dinner for us. We still made our own breakfast. A few things that they made us were weird, like cow intestines and fish with the scales still on it. That was in Collique.

Here the Pensionista is the bomb. We have had nothing but good food. But I didn’t say it wasn’t weird. We have had alligator. It was really good, it tasted better than some of the chicken I have had here. That is the weirdest thing that I have eaten.
The Jungle is very beautiful and very, very, very hot!!!!!. It is a lot different than Collique. I am actually thankful for the cold showers. Our shower consists of a bucket of cold water. It feels so good because it is so hot in these neck of the woods. My apartment is a small little thing. We have one room to sleep, one room to study, a little tiny bathroom and a small kitchen with a sink. It is not much of a kitchen though just a sink.

My new companion is Elder Torrejan. He is from Bolivia, Santa Cruz. He is really funny. It is funny to hear him try to speak English. One night we had a salamander in our room , we caught it then in got loose in Elder Torrejan’s hand, he freaked out. The best part is that I got it all on video. It was awesome.
The language here is not much different, they just talk different it is like they are singing. It may actually be a little easier to understand.

On Saturday we contacted a family that was sitting on their porch. We taught them a lesson and invited them to church. LO and behold they showed up. It was really cool!

On P days we go to a small house that has a bunch of computers. It cost about one sol for an hour. That is about 40 cents an hour.

I love you tons,
Elder Hyde

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