Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Another Week In The Jungle December 1, 2008

Last Monday we played one round of capture the flag, then the Latinos wanted to play soccer. We played that for a while then spent the rest of the time making cds of my pictures. I will send them home after I ask around and find the best way to send it. I have some pretty cool pictures that would not burn to the cd. The videos I took will not burn also.

Here’s a cool story about the GONZALEZ family, the family that came to church. This family is prepared! This week we visited them and they listened, asked questions and know that it is true. The husband had very little work before we met them, after he came to the church his work started to pick up a bit. That is one of their blessings of going to church. Since we have been teaching them they say there is a different feeling in their house. Right now we are trying to help them get married and then they can be baptized. This family was ready to hear the gospel.

Wednesday we taught a lot of lessons. Nothing too exciting happened.

Thursday we went and visited some other elders for a while, we stopped in a gas station to get some change and we bought a mountain dew. The cost was outrageous, it was 4.5 soles, I think about two dollars. This was for a can not a bottle. It was good though. The rest of the day we walked around trying to help me get to know the area, because on Friday we have mini switches and I have to be the senior companion in the area.

Friday the mini switch or we call it here a work visit went really good. It was better than I thought it would be, we taught a few lessons that we had planned, then we found some new people to teach.

Saturday was a day of ANIMALS. I held a parrot looking bird and got a picture with it. We went to LUNCE (his pensionita?), lo and behold, they had a BABY MONKEY. After we ate I played with it for a few minutes. It was really cool, I have video of it. I was really tired that day too because I only got like three hours of sleep. I think the reason was that we have to sleep with mosquito nets. They don’t circulate air very well so it was really HOT. I have fixed the problem now and have slept better.

Sunday was a good day! The attendance in sacrament meeting here has been going down dramatically. We are not sure why. One reason may be that a lot of people have DENGAY, or are really sick. We went and visited some families and our investigators. One family gave us popcorn. I love the popcorn here. I loved the popcorn that you sent me also.

Today we are going to a stadium and playing soccer as a zone. We will probably catch up on some zzzzzzzzzzzzzs.

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