Monday, December 8, 2008

Ice Cream, Coconut, Pizza With Mango and Pineapple, Shrimp December 8, 2008

This week was a pretty good week.

Monday: We went to a nearby stadium and played soccer, It was fun and I am better than I remember being. After that we went to the zone leaders house and as a district bought 10 liters of ice cream, it was delicious.

Tuesday: We had district meeting, that we have every week. At lunch we saw some coconut trees and asked the family where we could get some. There was a lady down the street that sells them. So after lunch we went to get some. We had to retrieve them from the tree. There is a rule though that says we can’t climb trees. So we had the member that we ate with do it for us.

Wednesday: We had another work visit but this time I went to a different area. It was fun, I got to meet more people.

Thursday: The past couple weeks my comp has been having tooth problems and so he called Sister Perez and told her and she told him to go to the dentist. So we went and turns out he has 15 cavities and 2 others that really are bad. That is not the bad part. They want 750 soles to fix it. I don’t really believe that he has 15 I think they are trying to take advantage of him.

We had a FHE with a future elder. We watched “The Testaments”. He bought a pizza. To answer your question from last week, the pizza here is different, but is still good. We had a Hawaiian pizza and it had mangoes and pineapple, it was delicious.

Friday: We had a bowl of soup for lunch and while I was eating I found two big shrimp in it. It freaked me out but I ate them. It wasn’t bad but I don’t care for shrimp.
I guess the mission doesn’t want us to have pensions anymore so they are getting us fridges and microwaves and stuff like that. Today we received the fridge. It felt like an early Christmas

Saturday: I was thinking about Christmas today and got a little bummed because here it does not feel like Christmas. It doesn’t even feel like December.

Sunday: We were able to go to the First Presidency’s Christmas Devotional and it was really awesome. I had the choice to watch it in Spanish or in English. I chose Spanish because I want to increase my Spanish speaking and listening skills. I think Elder Uchtdorf was talking directly to me. He said one phrase that hit me. He said something like this. “The most memorable Christmases were the ones with the most humility”. I think this is going to be one of the most humble Christmases that I will have. I will make it the best for others and by doing that it will be the best for me too. Last night was the bomb. It was awesome. I really enjoyed all the talks. I really enjoyed what I understood of President Monson’s talk, He said that Christmas is a good time to think of Jesus but we should think of him more during the year and throughout every day.
Well that was my week. love you guys tons love Elder Hyde

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