Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Twas the Week Before Christmas and Packages Arrived.....December 22, 2008

Monday we played dodge ball and basketball with all the missionaries in the zone. That was fun. We wanted to be lazy so we went home. Our pension lives right next door so we went over to watch the testaments. They have a baby monkey, so when we go to eat we get to play with it. It is so cute.

Tuesday we had a district meeting and then had a dentist appointment. They drilled two cavities and only filled one so Elder Torrejon has a hole in one of his teeth and has a hard time eating. I took out 100 soles from the ATM because we have run out of money paying for the dentist. It was easy to use the ATM. It took about 33 dollars out of my account.

Wednesday we had another work visit and I went to a different area and we taught a crazy guy that said he is like a mirror, when he prays for himself he doesn’t receive but when he prays for others they always receive. It was funny, he said that God didn’t give him gifts and then later he said that being a mirror was his gift. It was weird.

Thursday we had a dentist appointment and we don’t have to go back again. All is well. We had a work visit from one of the assistants to the president. One of our contacts we made today wanted to speak to me in English. He is from Toronto Canada and spoke very good English. It was hard for me to speak English, for some reason my brain wanted to speak in Spanish. I would start the sentence in Spanish and end it in English. After that we had a few lessons it was time to end the day so we took the assistant to the hotel and there I received my packages and letters. I felt so loved! We opened them as soon as I got home and had time.
Friday we had lunch with President Perez and everyone else received their packages. We got from the president and his wife a bag for our bathroom stuff. (like toothbrush soap and stuff like that) We also received candy from them. From your packages I decided to open the

gifts on the appropriate day

(12 days of Christmas) But as soon as I saw that one of them could be pictures I had to open it. I was right! It was pictures and I didn’t recognize the little kid in the pictures. I saw Tyson in the swimming pool but who where the others?

Saturday we had a few lessons planned and then we had a small activity at the church for Christmas, then we had a few more appointments. We watched “Joy to the World” a few times. A lot of people here think that we do not celebrate Christmas.

In church on Sunday we gave talks and the December Ensign that you sent came in handy. Thanks for sending it. That was basically my talk. I asked my companion if he understood it and he said yes. I felt pretty good until I realized that I had read most of it from the Ensign.

When I opened the two packages I felt the love rush out. I also got some dearelder letters and other stuff like the paper for voting. I got Paige’s announcement, I didn’t have a clue that she was getting married or was even close to that age. That was a big shocker!. (Paige is Derek’s cousin that is his age)

Sending love from Peru, Love Elder Hyde, talk to you Thursday

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Anonymous said...

Hello Hyde family,

Merry Christmas to all of you!

The pet monkey thing - aagghh! Do you remember that old Disney movie, "Swiss Family Robinson"? Do you remember the kid that used to bring home the exotic animals and turn them into pets? That's our Sean. I did hear that he received permission from the mission home as long as the monkey stayed with the pension. (How that works, I don't know.) So, I think it's cute too, but I'm proposing we leave the monkeys in Peru. We've got a goldfish waiting for him when he gets home.

Don Layton