Friday, December 26, 2008


Derek called at one o'clock (3 pm Peru time) in the afternoon on Christmas day. Our daughter Britney and her family were here.
Alden, our last child at home, Shane and I, and our neighbor Ken were also here. We put Derek on speakerphone and called our daughter in southern Utah on the cell phone. We also recorded the call so we could listen to it again. We spoke for a little over an hour. It was wonderful to hear his voice and know that he is well. We talked about the jungle and the people in Peru. We talked about his pension and the baby monkey that they have. He told us about his experiences there. He talked about his learning of the scriptures and that he enjoys studying and wishes he had studied more at home. He bore is testimony is Spanish. It was a wonderful call and very difficult to say goodbye.

This is Derek's 6 MONTH Anniversary!!!

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