Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Christmas Week December 29, 2008

Monday, December 22, we played Lucha Libre and watched a movie. My companion and I slept. We had FHE and watched “Joy To The World”. I think I watched this movie 10 times this week. It is a good one for the Christmas season.

Tuesday we worked until 7 pm then we went to a place called Plaza De Almas. The missionaries and ward members sang Christmas hymns, it was fun. We actually sounded good, I was surprised.

Wednesday we did service for one of the members of the bishopric at his house. We mowed his lawn and did it with shovels and machetes. It was fun, except it was really hot and I felt like I was going to die. After that we got ready for the day and went to lunch. We ate with the former bishop and we took pictures with his family. We took pictures with other families That night we made our pre-calls home.
In the night it was not easy to sleep because of all the firecrackers. I could have sworn they were lighting them off in our room, it was so loud.

On Christmas day we studied the scriptures that were attached to the gifts as we opened them. It wasn’t much of a study but it was fun to see which ones made sense in Spanish. In the phone call home I said “QUE” a lot, it is because it is habitual, everytime I don’t understand something that is what I say. We also got new beds and we spent the morning getting them up. We went to lunch and it was good but we had eaten a lot of sweets and could not eat much more. After our phone calls home we decided we are going to go on a shopping spree this week with the 300 soles that grandma gave me ;)

Friday we found out that our baptisms fell thru. They want to be baptized but they think that it is too soon. We had other interviews that we had to go to for the other missionaries in the district.
I had been falling behind in my journal writing, so Friday I caught myself up and it is up to date now. We walked around a lot today and then we found an investigator home and we taught them. We also had another interview.

We have an investigator named Juan Carlos, he is 14 years old. He is really interested and wants to get baptized. He is basically a member the only thing stopping him from getting baptized are his parents. They made a deal with him, that if he exercises everyday and losses weight and he needs to wait for his birthday which is January 18th.
We have a calendar that has a picture on each month of the coordinating season. It is odd for me….January has a sun and July has a snowman. I found that really weird and at the same time really funny.



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