Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Transfers and Commitments January 12, 2009

The beginning of my week was a little difficult, just getting used to the change. Every missionary works a little differently or in this case a lot differently. My Companion is Elder Garnica and he is also from Bolivia. He is from a different area than my last companion. We get along really good the only thing is he works really differently. One way that he is different is that he is kinda pushy with the investigators.
This week it has rained a lot. Not quite as bad as last Sunday and just so you know I have not fallen in any more crap holes.

We worked on Monday because of transfers. Elder Garnica flew in and we picked him up at the airport. We spent most of the day visiting members and investigators to say adios. (to elder Torrejan)

Early Tuesday morning we sent the other elders off that were leaving the area then we had p day. We did play soccer and volleyball again. It was fun. We then got lazy we ate and slept. When we got back to work we went to visit the people whose baptism fell through the last week in December. This was Tereza Y Sergio, She wanted a sign from the heavens. This day they were more than ready to accept a new date and the have chosen January 17th.

On Wednesday we visited Juan Carlos, he is the 14 year old that we have been working with. He has every thing he needs to be taught and we are just waiting for his father to sign the permission slip. I actually got to talk to his father for the first time. It went better than I expected because elder Torrejan said that he was really bad and doesn’t want him to be baptized. I did not see that side of him today. We asked him to sign the paper and he did so we have another fetcha (baptism date) for January 17th. Juan Carlos is really excited and ready to be baptized.
I am running out of time but some other things that happened. Tereza wants more time to think about her baptism. I don’t know why she is changing her mind a lot, I guess it is part of life. I think her son wants to get baptized, he just doesn’t want to disappoint his mom.

Sunday we gave talks again in sacrament.

Today we are going to a nature park and I hope to get some cds to make copies of my pictures so I can send them home. (he has been saying this since Christmas!)

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GDR said...

That is SO true - about the CD's. They like to TEASE us, huh??