Thursday, November 13, 2008

Power of the Priesthood and Hard Work November 10, 2008

Friday: We went to the church to use the bathroom and ran into a mother with her daughter in her arms. The daughter was not feeling good and she asked for a blessing. We gave her a Priesthood blessing and within five munutes the girl was playing and running around. The power of the priesthood is real. The cool part of this experience is that we had asked another man to go with us to a room where we gave the blessing, This guy was is not a member, but he was able to see the power of the priesthood that we hold. It was awesome.
Saturday we did service. We are digging trenches for water pipes. It is difficult, we are digging straight rock with a little bit of dirt in between. It is hard work, but it is good because we are helping some recent converts.

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