Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Set will be a great missionary February 16 2009

Hey hey hey a todos. How’s everything? Sounds like you are all right. Well this week I have been feeling a lot better but I still have a stuffy nose and a cough but all is well.

You know that we baptized Set, the young man that didn’t want to accept a baptism date last week. This week we have been talking to his family and his sister wants to change her life. I really believe that this is one family that heavenly father has prepared for me to teach. Set walked around with us yesterday and he will make a great missionary, he has told us that he wants to prepare to go on a mission. Yesterday we were able to give him the Aaronic Priesthood and we have a feeling that he will be the one to baptized his sister and his cousin. Oh freak, he is an awesome convert. He recently got a job and told his boss straight up that he would not work on Sunday, He said that is my day to go to church. : ) aaaawwwwweeeeesssssoooommmmeeeee

Well to tell you about a little tradition they have here that is a little weird. It is called carnival and it is all of February. What happens, mostly on the weekends, some of the people get water balloons and buckets of water and try to soak other people. Thinking about it is kinda cool but, when you know and see the water that they use it is not. A lot of the people use dirty gross, crappy water. Sometimes we feel like Samuel the Lamanite, because we have not gotten hit yet.

Well just wanted to tell everyone that I love them and thanks for all the love and support. I am going to go shopping today and find something small for every one’s B-day. I will be sending a package soon. I love you all tons and hope your week is great.
love Elder Hyde ç

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