Monday, February 23, 2009

Teaching the Sister of Set and going on Splits with Set February 26, 2009

I am doing great I just have a little bit of a cough still this week. This week was an ok week.
Monday we watched Lion King in Spanish it was awesome. It rained all day so I wasn’t able to go shopping. Probably today I will get something small for everyone.

Tuesday my comp was not feeling well. We had a few lessons but we were in the house a lot.

Wednesday we taught the sister of Set and she told us she knows that it is true. She feels that what we are teaching is true. She said that she has listened to a lot of different religions and that we are the only one that she really wants to visit. It was really cool the only problem we have is her husband well not yet husband they are living together and he really doesn’t want to listen to us. I don’t think that he wants to get married. Well we are not here to destroy the family, we are here to help it. We are a little confused about what we should do. Not much happen

Thursday not much happened.

Friday we had changes for the day and I was with elder Vasquez and my companion with elder Rich. We found a guy that didn’t believe that in the bible it states Jesus saying that he came to the world to suffer for ours sins. He is crazy.
GUESS WHAT?? For lunch this day we ate fish. When I first saw the fish on my plate I freaked because it had the head fins tail and skin. I ate it and it was pretty good.

Saturday we started the day with service with Elder Rich and Vasquez, it was pretty good. Then we had a gangster bbq at a member’s house.

Sunday we went to church and then ate lunch and went on splits. It was awesome I went with Set and my comp with another young man. We spent all day separated so that we could get more lessons and more contacts.We have a baptism this week, her name is Sharon. She has 9 years and we are reactivating her mother. They are a great family and they have even tried to introduce us to some friends which is awesome.

Well my time is just about up so just want to tell you have a great week and I am going to make this week great tambien.
Love you all TONS love elder Hyde
Ya I saw Elder Morton today. : )

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