Monday, March 2, 2009

nosotros tambien tuvimos una semana excelente March 2, 2009

As you can tell Derek knows Spanish! His letters are becoming more difficult to translate. I will do my best. He throws is Spanish words but he also organizes his sentences differently. My comments are in blue.

We had a pretty good week. Like I commented last week that we had a baptism planned for this week, it was a baptism of a young girl that we have been working with to reactivate su mama. Everything went great. The best part of all is that Set (nuestro converso) baptized her. That was freakin’ sweet!

We have also organized a matrimonio massivo (huge wedding) and we have a family (the parents, the kids are members) that is going to get married and get baptized.

The sister of Set is going to get married and then get baptized the day after. The wedding is the 20 de marzo(of March) and they will get baptized on the 21 and then cambios (changes or transfers) are on the 25. I really don’t want to leave.
This area is chevere (Fantastic? On fire? The BOMB?).

Claire is going to come back this week on Thursday, I think and then we are going to baptize her. I think she wants to return and enter the waters. We have been waiting for her for a long time.

The sister of Set is really cool too. We have taught her a few commandments. (law of chastity and word of wisdom) She understands why we have these things and is going to start living them. She is also very prepared for the gospel.

We have a family that some are members and the parents want to be members but they lack the marriage and that is why we are here. : )

We are going to work extra hard this next week because we have seen the blessings of the lord. Like it says in Mosiah, when we do what the lord wants he will bless us really fast. We want to keep finding the hidden blessings of the lord.

Have you guys been trying to give references to the missionaries there? The work is so much easier with the help of the members. The baptisms that we have had are from the references from the members.

I love you guys very much and hope that you have a great week. May the lord bless you and help you in all that you do.
con mucho amor, ( I love you so much, this is the best thing that I could be doing, thanks for all your love and support, you are the best family!!) ((when you are interpreting you can think what ever you want ;D ))
Elder Hyde

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GDR said...

HAHAHA - I think I will try your version of interpretation. Theresa, you are too funny. See ya on Friday !