Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Interviews with the President, Set blesses the Sacrament March 10, 2009

Sorry that we didn’t write yesterday we had our interviews with president and we didn’t have p day
We are doing pday today This morning we went and played soccer in a big stadium and last week we had a big Baroque. Yesterday I got your packages the one with the beef jerky and also one from Chantel with the calendar. It is great I love it. I can’t think of anything that need right now. So what ever you feel like sending.

You are going to notice that I took out about a hundred $$$ from the bank.(One hundred Soles is about 32 dollars.) You know my front tooth that I had filled a few years ago it has opened up and is infected and now I need to get it fixed we have found a pretty good dentist so you don’t need to worry. I don’t know shy I am having this problem because I have brushed every morning and every night and often in the afternoon. Well other than that all is good

Mom I remember often when you would talk to others that you were really happy when you saw your boys passing the sacrament or blessing it. I now know how you feel. First seeing Set baptize and then this Sunday he blessed the sacrament. It really is a sense of pride when you see that.

Set’s cousin Claire has returned and we are going to talk to her, hopefully this week we will dunk her in the agua.
Something that happened that wasn’t too great, is that the brother in law of Set doesn’t want to get married to Set’s sister. We lost her baptism unless she decides to leave him. We will keep trying to talk to him. I think he knows that she wants to get baptized and he thinks that if they are two different religions it will cause problems. But he is the one causing problems now. We don’t really know what to do....Pray for them.

Well I've got to go
FAMILY thanks for all your love and support........and candy.
You’re my favorite family
nos vemos love Elder Hyde

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