Monday, March 16, 2009

Dental Work Without Being Numbed, What do you do when a girl wants to greet you with a KISS? March 16, 2009

que tal mi loving family how is it going in Utah? Well everything sounds like it is going well and it sounds like everyone is in good spirits and health.

I am doing really good it took the whole week to get my tooth fixed they do things a little different here. Well I had a root canal and the first visit he put a hole in my tooth and the next two he spent cleaning out the nerve and then the last he put a big hole in it and
put something inside and then filled it.

So it was a long process without the numbing. But all now is good.

I am doing good health wise, and I have been flossing and brushing everyday, so I don’t know why my tooth went crazy on me.

I really enjoyed the last package. I would have to say my favorite are the M&Ms and the peppered jerky, they were very tasty. I love all the things that were sent. I loved the calendar and the pictures from the kids I have a whole collection on my wall by where I study.

I have a funny experience that happened this week. You know how they greet here with a kiss on the cheek. We went to a member’s house where we found one of their friends, this was the first time she had talked to or greeted missionaries and so she leaned in to give me a peck on the cheek and I like jumped and then my comp told her that we couldn’t do that and she was really embarrassed and took off. Well I felt bad and so we went to find her and got to know her a little. We got to teach her and explain our message and why we were there. We have visited her a couple times and now has a baptism date for the 28th.

The cool thing is that the member that she is living with didn’t want to go to church and so she came all by herself, which was amazing because the day before she said she would only go if someone would go with her.
In the church she met new friends and she like it a lot and I think she knows that it is true,. We also had another young women come to church this last week and she said that when she left that she felt like a huge burden was lifted of her shoulders. She also has a baptism date for the 28th. The sad thing is that I really think that I am leaving this change on the 25th. :(

Well my time is up.

I want everyone to know that I love them very much and hope to hear from ya next week.


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